What are the benefits of macroeconomic policy?

Macroeconomics is a study that focuses on the economy of a country as a whole, as opposed to microeconomics focusing on individuals, families, or individual companies. Macroeconomists have developed models to explain national income, products, spending, unemployment, inflation, savings, investment, international trade and finance. International.

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  1. The macroeconomic policies of each country in the world have the following contents and benefits:
    Reduce unemployment to a minimum, at “natural unemployment”.

    • Keep inflation at or below double digits (below 10%)
    • Reduce the balance of the balance at a minimum or achieve a stable balance.
    • Manage foreign exchange rates in a free market manner
    • Minimize government intervention to allocate resources and push the price of goods and services determined by the market.
    • Reduce poverty and resources equitably in income distribution.
    • Achieve high and sustainable economic growth.

    In general, the priority objectives of macroeconomic policies are to ensure sustainable economic growth, prosperity and full employment. The objectives of macroeconomic policy are based on production processes, full employment, and keeping inflation low.

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