What are the benefits of commercial law?

For business people, employees, employers of companies, institutions and enterprises of all kinds, understanding of the commercial law and tax law of the country where they They are doing business or working is very important.

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  1. Commercial law provides a lot of benefits and knowledge, such as: The main legal system related to traders and different types of investment of each company in Cambodia Labor law And concluding employment contracts. Business registration, how to set up a business or business, setting up a company, managing a company, capital and finance, how to resolve disputes, parties and repayments. Debts when the company is in crisis, laws related to accounting, finance and auditing.

    By describing the benefits and knowledge above, it proves that it is a knowledge that businessmen, employees, employers should study to understand. Clearly to avoid some risks such as disputes between shareholders and shareholders, employers and employees, as well as issues related to partners. Competition and other business issues.

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