What are non-taxable income and taxable income?

What are non-taxable income and taxable income?

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  1. According to the Cambodian Tax Law, income is divided into two types: non-taxable income and taxable income.

    Non-taxable income

    Non-taxable income refers to the revenue of the Royal Government or the revenue of the Royal Government. The income of any organization that is organized and operated for purely religious, philanthropic, scientific, literary or educational purposes and has no share of property or Income is used for personal gain.

    Revenues of labor organizations or chambers of commerce, industry or agriculture in the event that the revenues of those organizations are not used for the private benefit of the entrant Shares or natural persons are also not required to pay taxes and profits from the sale of agricultural products that non-taxpayers actually produce. By itself, even if the product is not yet processed or processed, according to the practice of agricultural work.

    Operations on industrial means, including processing, quality control, packaging for sale are not considered agricultural practices.

    Taxable income

    Taxable income is the net income from all the results of all types of business operations, including capital income achieved during the period. Doing business or at the end of the business, as well as income from financial assets or investment assets, interest, fees and royalties.

    Taxable income also includes all income from real estate, financial assets or investment assets resulting from transactions other than transactions business.

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