Is YouTube popular in Cambodia?

Beyond viewing of the video, YouTube offers marketers several different ways to connect with their audience. For example, viewers are able to leave feedback and comments on the videos. This allows viewers to interact not only with each other, but also with the company. … Video platforms are helpful across any industry.

In Cambodia, YouTube is very popular amongst Cambodian people and it is known for 4 things as below:

1. YouTube is popular for online entertainment TV

Having a YouTube app on the phone just likes having 1 millions TV channels which Cambodian people can watch 24/7. Cambodian older people access YouTube to listen to classic music, local, and international news while young people access YouTube to listen to music, watch movies, and watch boxing.

2. YouTube is popular for online learning TV

Kids, young people, and older Cambodian people access YouTube to learn tutorials, languages, and learn things from experts in different educational settings. YouTube is built with simple, fast, safe and easy to navigate contents which allows Cambodian people easily using it. They love it just as their smart TV at home.

3. YouTube is popular for promoting products and services

Businesses and big brands in Cambodia takes advance of the YouTube advertising to reach out to their potential costumers through Google Discovery ads on YouTube. Besides advertising on Facebook and TV, they spend a lot of money advertising on YouTube whether to build brand awareness or even to promote new products and services through their annual marketing campaign.

4. YouTube is popular as a source of income

Some YouTuber or Social Media Influencers have been using YouTube to generate extra incomes from their daily work or business. They create original contents every week, post on YouTube to entertain and educate people based on their talent and passion.

Is YouTube popular in Cambodia?
Influencer young girl in live video tutorial on YouTube for how to makeup using a tropical beach sunset as background travel with her mind eyes


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