Is YouTube banned or restricted Ads and Monetization in Cambodia?

There is a rumor that Cambodia is banned and restricted  from YouTube Advertising and Monetization.

There is a rumor that has been viral a few weeks in Cambodia disclosed that “YouTube video ads in Cambodia have been blocked, allowing local users to view only videos posted on the site without ads.”

This has become a great concern for Cambodian YouTubers (content creators) and advertisers for being interrupted in driving revenue for their businesses.

Regarding the question about the ban, a YouTube representative for Southeast Asia said that under the monetary policy of content creators in Cambodia, monitors were not allowed to monetize their videos on his channels.

“Advertisers can target their ads only to countries where YouTube has launched monetization sites,” the policy states.

The YouTube representative above could not determine why all ads were blocked on the platform.

Mr.. SOVANN, CEO of Activerify, a trusted local digital marketing company, says services such as YouTube advertising are vital to doing business in Cambodia. He said he has been using these types of ads in the country since he arrived in 2016. “For Google, Facebook or other big technology companies to take away services from Cambodia is not appropriate,” he said.

Regarding the question of whether the withdrawal of advertisements may be related to the Government Sub-Decree on Value Added Tax (VAT) for digital goods and services sold by foreign companies? “Value Added Tax (VAT) on digital goods and services is a global issue,” he said. He added that the Royal Government of Cambodia is always willing to discuss and meet with companies on such issues and would be surprised if the removal of advertisements is in line with government policy.

Chris McCarthy, CEO of MangoTango Asia, a local digital marketing company, says “Not sure what has happened to YouTube yet, but the closure is a demonstration of the power these companies have over business revenue and that is something the government should be concerned”.

While Cambodia-based YouTube videos are not eligible for monetization at all, it is also worth noting that Google Ads does not collect value added tax (VAT) in other countries in the region including Thailand.

Policy for Thailand states: “Because your Google Ads business contract is registered with Google Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. Local taxes do not apply to your Google Ads activity. “These taxes will not be shown on your invoice.”

Mr.. SOVANN noted that Google Ads is still active on websites in Cambodia.

YouTube banned or restricted Ads and Monetization in Cambodia-Cambodia Time
YouTube banned or restricted Ads and Monetization in Cambodia-Cambodia Time

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  1. In my opinion, Cambodia is not on the official monetized list of YouTube since then and ever before. YouTube just reinforced its ads network target recently when tax has been also reinforced in the United States of America. Due to the complicated solution and deal, YouTube may decide stop all ads showing in unlisted countries worldwide.
    This YouTube Ads Revolution doesn’t affect AdSense Account, this means that any Google partners can still work with Google to earn their revenues such as mobile Apps and website Blogs.

    The questions of can advertisers from Cambodia still be able to advertise on YouTube and target the audience in Cambodia? The answer is Yes, Sam did try and Cambodia is on the advertising list 😂 but he doesn’t know where this ads will be shown on and at? Normally, video ads could show on other Google Video Display Network such as Apps and Blog sites but Sam already targeted specifically to YouTube only.
    My recommendation, I think if all the powerful YouTubers try to raise voice especially to our government to make official requests to list Cambodia on YouTube Partner Program. Then, it will be good. If not, just retarget the audiences to overseas especially to the high ads revenue like US, Europe,…. Or the worse thing, groups of YouTubers support each other by using VPNs to watch one another channels. Or using some YouTube network website to boost the views. Yes, it is risky, but if we don’t take risk we are staying on the zero line. Like our emperor of voice Sin Sisamut song says “if I stay I die, if I go I may alive.” And other solution is looking for manual advertisers by yourselves. Don’t be down, the brightest stars are in the darkest night.
    You may check my recent article here about new YouTuber
    Thanks and wish everyone successful in the business. Sam Inspire Author,

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