Is Koh Rong dangerous?

In fact, Koh Rong island is not dangerous at all for people or tourists, but there are just some problems which can occur that everyone must be aware of when they plan to travel to these spectacular islands. The one thing that can be a problem in Koh Rong is theft, but as many people know, theft can be experienced everywhere. So please keep your thing in a right way you think it safety.

Another danger is just about your own safety while you go to swim or walk on the beach. Swimming doesn’t a big deal, but don’t careless sometimes it is the worth and memory for tourism who drown to the water. Because of the careless, as we know Island is not that small, don’t even thing you are fluent of swimming. On the Island is you plan to sleep on the beach, camping or make party, please make sure and see it has no insect there, otherwise it will harm and get affect your skin easily. Koh Rong is not much worries about safety, here with kindness people, friendly and helpfully. Theft is not always occurred and steal your valuable things, because some visitors get drunk, or they just put it in uncomfortable place.

Last but not least is sunburnt. Don’t forget to take your sunscreen can has the high spf and protect your skin from the sunburnt as well. As we know Koh Rong’s weather normally is around 32-34°C, keep your skin in a good condition if you want to swim in the beach.


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