Is it safe at Mondulkiri?

Mondulkiri is the most sparsely populated region in Cambodia, providing great opportunities to learn about Cambodia’s tribal minorities and conservation projects. Mondulkiri means ‘meeting of the hills’, which is an apt name for this wild and verdant terrain comprising rolling hills, lush rainforests and powerful waterfalls. Wild animals roam in these parts, such as bears, leopards and elephants. Despite this, sightings are limited, and you’ll be more likely to spot birdlife, monkeys and wild pigs.

Travel from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri approximately take 7-8 hours. Mondulkiri is also the best place for who like camping, picnic with thickly forested mountains and the paradise view.  Talking about safety is quite better and no worries about thief. Here in Mondulkiri such a nice place to keep yourself safety and such a long holiday with a new experience.

Beside of jungle, it contains elephant& wild life sanctuary, zipline, green house bar, trekking and there has guide service for tour you around Mondulkiri as well. Small thing you must care and allow is about carry bag. We have a storeroom to keep any of your luggage that you don’t want to take on the tour with you.  You will need a small daypack for your clothes and a water bottle.

So please keep it in order, otherwise you will lost it. About food purchasing, Mondulkiri is full of Khmer food and really reasonable price, but here also prefer with Europe food if you wish to try with Europe food. Mondulkiri is such a place you must try and spend your vacation with a good memorable.

Is it safe at Mondulkiri? Cambodia Time
Is it safe at Mondulkiri? Cambodia Time


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