Is Cambodia safe to live?

Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia where is bordered by Vietnam to the East, Laos to the North, and Thailand to the West. Cambodia has increasingly become the most popular destinations among other countries in Asia. Not only the best place for traveling, but Cambodia is also one of the safe countries to live. Every country has petty crime, and Cambodia has too such as bag-snatches and pickpockets. As long as you’re aware of the issues, and crime in this Kingdom of Wonder, and if you prepare and protect yourself well in advance, you’ll surely have no problems with this country, and it’ll be safe to live. Here are some of the tips for staying safe in Cambodia.

Is Cambodia safe to live?
Is Cambodia safe to live?

1. Avoiding minor crimes to happen

In Cambodia, the most common crimes are pickpocketing and bag-snatching. Please be aware of that the petty crimes can happen everywhere and without warning such as when you are in the tuk tuk, on the back of motorbike, or when you are just wandering around the crowded markets. Some thieves will make a quick snatch and grab your belongings from Tuk Tuk or from your motorbike, others will lift your bag and run away when you’re sitting or wandering around the crowded. To avoid these, you should be careful with your belongings and carry your stuff anytime when you go elsewhere. Please keep all of your important and priceless things in the safe place or at home instead.

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2. Crowded places to avoid at night in Cambodia

There are many places in Cambodia that you can have fun at night including clubs and pubs. Pub street is one of the most popular places where is took place in Siem Reap province. This place is crowded as its surrounded by so many people. Plenty of bars and clubs around the riverside in Phnom Penh are also filled with all kinds of people. It’s true that you want to enjoy your moment there, but you should protect your things, or you can leave your valuable stuff at home. You shouldn’t carry a lot of cash with you, but instead taking your credit card with you as it’s safer than taking much cash around. Don’t go home alone at night, and you should have your friends to accompany you.

Travel in Cambodia
Travel in Cambodia

3. Personal safety tips

Avoiding the crowded places, and petty crime to happen out of the blue are not enough, you should take care your personal belongings more if can. Look through some of these personal safety tips below to minimize risk.

  • When walking through the place that is full of people, you should take and carry your backpack in front of you.
  • Don’t put your cash and phone at the back pocket.
  • Don’t take your valuable things with you such as original passport or jewelry.
  • Make sure you put all of your belongings inside the vehicle like when you’re on the Tuk Tuk or riding a motorbike.
  • Make sure not to carry a cross- body bag over one- shoulder when you are riding a motorbike by yourself or alone.
  • Never leave your bag or your precious items at somewhere while you go to the bathroom or elsewhere.
  • Don’t carry much cash and all of your credit cards with you at once, but instead you should take for only the maximum amount that you need.
  • Always lock the door every time you leave home to somewhere else, and even when you fall asleep.

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  1. Cambodia is a country of many surprises! Travelling in Cambodia is safe as the locals are very friendly and welcoming. The colorful and vibrant culture is something to be experienced at its best. For the travelers, Cambodia can be a wonderful travel destination where they can relax and enjoy the carefree atmosphere.

    In case you need to contact for emergency, check the “Official Emergency Numbers in Cambodia:

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