Is Cambodia good place to live?

Cambodia has often been overshadowed as a tourist destination. Recently, however, the number of foreigners working, volunteering, and living in Cambodia has been growing, Cambodia has come to be seen as a good option for those who want to live abroad.

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This country has many charms: a tropical climate, numerous pristine beaches, and a rich historical culture. The impoverished country’s current state of recovery from years of war has left it with a beautiful, yet troubled, soul. Still, Cambodia’s natural beauty and rich history make it a worthwhile destination for many.

Is Cambodia good place to live?
Is Cambodia good place to live?

Cambodia is a wonderful place to live, why? Well, Cambodia is the ultimate paradise for backpackers and other budget travelers, thanks to its cheap prices, weather condition, and many more. The following information below will outline why Cambodia is a good place to live.

1. Weather condition in Cambodia

Cambodia has the tropical monsoon climate with the warm temperature throughout the year. The rainy season starts from May to November, and the dry season starts from the late of November to April. Living in Cambodia, you can enjoy the warm temperature for a whole year, and you’ll see the greenery plants everywhere over the year. Starting your live in Cambodia is definitely the best site to live with many historical places and stunning landscape along the way. When it reaches the late of November until the early of January, you’ll feel the cool weather with minimum temperature of 18ºc that Cambodia has ever experienced. There has no snow in this Kingdom of country, but if you try to live in this country, you’ll surely love to spend your life there for the rest of your life.

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2. Rich culture and beautiful scenery

Because Cambodia has the tropical climate, so people who live there will be able to see the green scenery every year. If you’re kind of a person who addicted to historical places and greenery, Cambodia is already the best site for you to live. If you want to go to the beaches during the cool weather, Cambodia should be one of your best destinations to live that you shouldn’t be missed because during the cool season, you can still be able to see the lively sea not the frozen sea that freezes on the surface of the sea, and you can also swim at the beaches as well with the minimum temperature about 18ºc during the cool weather.

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3. Friendly neighbors

Cambodian people all are nice and friendly towards everyone, not even their family, friends, but they are approachable and generous to outsiders as well like international or national tourists. Not to mention, they are very helpful when someone else is suffering, and they even donate the money, time, and stuff, to help the one who is having a hardship and discomfort.

4. Best place for shopping

As one of Cambodian people, I’ve experienced that everything is cheap and affordable here. If you’re a shopping lover, and want to find things that are affordable and cheap, Cambodia would be your first choice that you should think of. Everything in this country is inexpensive including travel accommodations, clothes, foods, and many more. You won’t feel regret living in Cambodia, plus with the healthy food, and good quality of stuff.


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