Is Cambodia good for shopping?

Cambodia is a country that has everything to the eyes of a shopper. The country is still in its beginning years as a tourist destination and a shopping place. It still has not been commercialized in many aspects like other countries.

This kingdom of wonder is a country that prides itself on selling different art and handcrafts that is made by the locals, and where is a mixture of many cultures that have settled in the area. With huge sales tax exemptions, Cambodia’s prices for most items cost 10 – 30% less than those in neighboring countries.

Cambodian people are considerably to be good at stylist and fashion. Both men and women always wear something that make them look more attractive and stunning. Though Cambodia is the least developed country, but there are many branding companies invested in, which is very good for a shopping destination. With this investment, Cambodia is not only a site for traveling destination, but it’s actually best for shopping since the prices for items cost below 30% than other those countries.

When it comes to stuff at local markets, everything is top quality including souvenir, and fabric of clothes as many of them are handmade and produced from the factory. Clothes at local market are cheap than the branding one since the branding clothes are known by many people, yet the factory clothes are worn by many Cambodian people.

Cambodia is being known as a country good for shopping since many things are cheap. If you’re looking for gift when visiting in Cambodia, I suggest to buy the handmade souvenir. As many of the handmade souvenirs are made by people, so they put all their passion and strength into it; therefore, it’s very meaningful to you or to the one that you are given the gift.

Since many tourists come to visit Cambodia because of the well-known of Angkor Wat, stunning beaches, and best places for relaxing destination, but this country is also great for shopping, so they should at least by a handmade souvenir and bring back to their country. Value it well as it’s handmade, and when you look at the gift, it’s probably reminded you of Cambodia where is a country that you’ve been to.

If you’re wondering of where you can do shopping in Cambodia, below are some the best places for shopping:

Shopping in Phnom Penh

  1. Toul TomPoung Market: it’s the local market where locates in Phnom Penh. You gotta see many factory clothes and handmade souvenir in this market. Click on this link for the exact location of Toul Tompoung market.
  2. Central Market: Central market is also known as Psa Tmei. It’s located in Phnom Penh, and you can dig ton of clothes, and other stuff in this market. Clink on the link for the exact location:
  3. Night market: this market is also called as Psa Rea Trey which mean stuff are sold only at night. Link provided is the exact location of Night Market:
  4. Aeon 1&2: Aeon 1&2 are well-known as the luxurious mall since many branding store are located there. These are located in Phnom Penh. Aeon 1 location:, Aeon 2 location:

Shopping in Siem Reap

  1. Pub Street: Pub street is very famous in Siem Reap province. Many traditional clothes are sold there, and you can shop at night if you want to go to Pub Street. Click on the link for Pub Street location:

Shopping in Sihanoukville

  1. Otres Market: when you have a trip to Sihanoukville, don’t forget to visit Otres Market since it’s best known as a great place for shopping. Link provided is the location of this market:


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