Is Cambodia expensive to live?

Cambodia is a very good and cheap place to live. Though Cambodia is the developing country, but many things are more developed and modernized, and still the cost of living in Cambodia remains relatively cheap if we compared to other countries in Asia and Europe. You won’t get obsessed living in Cambodia as everything there is affordable and cheap.

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If you’re seeking for an apartment for rent, for sale, or for business or investment opportunities, all areas in Cambodia will be surely the right places for you. The rental fee is much cheaper than other countries, and the labors wages will also surprise you. The average rental fee for an apartment is from $400 up only, and it’s comfortable to live as air conditioner is provided. If you’re looking for a flat for sale, the price will be beyond your imagination. The average price for a flat is around $40000 to $80000 with many bedrooms, bathrooms, and you’ll get some furniture for free from the house owner, and the surroundings would definitely surprise you with approachable neighbors.

Jackfruit in Cambodia
Jackfruit in Cambodia

The school fee is also affordable than other countries. For high school’s students, the average fee is around $30 to $40 per month, and for the senior year of high school, the average fee is around $50 to $100 only per month, these include the fee from the special extra classes. The school fee is cheap because most of parents in Cambodia could afford it, yet it provides the best education for students with good learning equipment. For the college’s students, the average fee is around $500 to $3000 per year. The college fee is cheaper than other countries, and students can get a good learning education with those average schooling fee.

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When it comes to foods or clothes, they are cheap in Cambodia. You can be able to encounter the organic vegetable, and good quality of fabric of clothes with cheap prices. When you go shopping, the price and the quality of clothes will be beyond your expectation. Vegetable in Cambodia is cheap, and you can eat as many as you can, the more you eat, the healthier you get. Sometimes you could only spend 20000r ($5) on food, and you can enjoy it for a day.

When you’re on a vocation to other provinces in Cambodia, the travel budget could be around $200 to $300 so that you can have much fun, eat many foods as much as you can, buying souvenir and stuff, and spending on travel accommodations with those travel budget. With an amount of those budget, you can have fun for around three days and two nights.

Overall, Cambodia is a cheap place to live. When it comes to shelters, foods, clothes, and many more, they are inexpensive in Cambodia. If you want to get to know more about this country including the living condition of Cambodians, education systems, the average salary of workers, history as well as historical places, you can explore more or visit Cambodia on your vocation; then you will see many expected things, stunning landscape, and helpful people.


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