Is Cambodia a friendly country?

When it comes to Cambodia, you might wonder whether this country has a warm welcome for travelers or not, or some might doubt that “Are people in Cambodia friendly towards each other?” So, as a matter of fact, Cambodia is one of the friendliest countries in Southeast Asia. Cambodians appreciate the tourists who come to visit this Kingdom of wonder, and as a tourist, you’ll surely meet many good people and be able to find your companions one who truly understand you. It’s easy to not just find friends, but find friends who will help you with everything from ordering food to guiding you to remote temples. This is made even easier by the fact that most of the Cambodians speak some English; therefore, it’ll be easy to communicate with tourists and locals.

Is Cambodia a friendly country?
Is Cambodia a friendly country?
  1. No worries, whether it’s your first time or many time traveling to Cambodia, the locals are ready to help and guide you anytime and anywhere as what you are needed or when you’re seeking for help. They all help everyone out. For those who are considered moving to Cambodia, I would recommend you living in this country because it’s either safe and surrounded by friendly and helpful people.
  2. When you’re being lost somewhere like in the market, or you can’t find the way back home or back to your place, you can go and ask the locals who seem to be able to know your location from what you’re explain to them, and without doubt, they will guide and assist you to find your right location. They won’t refuse and avoid you when you urgently need help; they sincerely help you out without asking anything back. As one of Cambodian people, I have experienced this when I had lost in some part of the city. Cambodians are all nice and good to be friends with.

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  1. When you are a foreigner and having a conflict with locals, Cambodian people won’t use the violent in the disagreement, but instead they will inquire into the cause of the conflict first, and then compromise with each other without using any fight or threatening other people. We encourage people not to use violent while having a conflict, and that’s what Cambodians mostly solve the problems as well as conflicts.
  2. Having no ideas, what to eat in Cambodia? Not to worry, Cambodians will guide you and tell you the common foods or side dishes that they usually enjoy, and they also recommend you to try it as well. Be noticed that, you’ll find it easy to communicate with Cambodians people when it comes to foods or help.
  3. When it comes to vendors in the markets or at the destination places, students, or national tourists that you accidentally meet, all of them will slightly smile at you to show their respect and greet towards you. They sometimes even say Hello or Sur Sdey in Khmer to show the warm welcome and friendliness as well. Cambodian people even do Sompeah by putting their both hands together just to show respect, affectionate greeting, and friendly manners too as it’s normal and traditional way of showing warm greeting in Cambodia.

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