Is Buying Real Estate in Cambodia Safe?

In a word, yes. Foreigners enjoy freehold ownership and total control over their properties if things are done correctly.

Yet it’s important, especially for soft title properties, to speak with the neighbors and look at the land office’s public record. Make certain there are no other claims over the property you’re buying.

Although rare, it’s not unheard of for people to sell properties that are mortgaged or otherwise disputed. This can be easily avoided with proper due diligence.

It’s also important to remember that foreigners cannot own soft title or hard title properties in their own name legally – only strata titles.

If you don’t wish to incorporate and form a real estate holding company, your sole option is to find a local nominee to hold the property on your behalf and bind him/her down with several contracts. That would require help from an attorney.

Buying Real Estate in Cambodia Safe
Buying Real Estate in Cambodia Safe


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