In 2021, which provinces should you invest land in and why?

In 2021, the effects of the economic crisis caused by Covid 19 will not be over, but hopes have been fulfilled as the land acquisition trend has begun.

In 2021, which provinces should you invest land in and why
In 2021, which provinces should you invest land in and why

Where should investors invest in land other than Phnom Penh?  There is a lot of opportunity to increase the price due to many reasons and favorable factors.

These provinces are located in the coastal and lowland areas of the country, such as:

  1. Kampot

Due to the special infrastructure, National Road 3 will be completed this year with favorable geographical factors, combined with local infrastructure such as the new Kampot tourist port, cargo port, smart city development project at the foot of Bokor Mountain and investment projects. More leisure homes, such as Kampot Thansur, projects along the Kampot canal, will encourage investment from local investors, which will automatically increase land flow.

In the next few years, Kampot will have a 45-storey twin business center will appear, which will take the province to a new level in the field of trade and commerce.

2. Koh Kong

The province is a bit far, but in the future, the distance will be shortened as Darasakor International Airport will be completed and put into operation by the end of this year.

In addition, the first deep-sea port project in Koh Kong province, the expansion of National Road No. 48 and the construction of National Road No. 10 connecting Samlot district, Battambang province to Pursat province before connecting with Koh Kong province will increase investment in this province. This will increase land prices and land swaps, especially in the Trapeang Rong area, such as Jiphat Tatai.

Development of Trapeang Rong area because this area is full of natural resources that are beautiful and an attractive tourist attraction, especially this area has 6 months of salt water and 6 months of fresh water in each year cycle.

3. Mondulkiri

The development plan of the inter-ministerial government, under the leadership of the Ministry of Tourism, will turn Mondulkiri into a high-level leisure destination and a multi-purpose economic zone, especially the construction of a regional or international airport, which will begin later this year. After the government allowed Powerchina Group to study and invest in BOT.

The government plans to turn the province into a flower and vegetable growing area to supply tourists across the country due to the quality of the soil, air and favorable weather conditions.

4. Kandal

Due to its geographical location around Phnom Penh, Kandal is still a potential province because it is an area that is easily affected by the development of Phnom Penh.

Kandal Province Although Cambodia as well as the world have been affected by the global economic crisis, the province is still thriving and land exchange activities and land prices continue to rise due to the many infrastructure connected to the province, such as the Third Ring Road project 4 New Phnom Penh International Airport.

5. Kampong Speu

Kampong Speu is also a province that has emerged in recent years due to government policies, especially the relocation of factories from Phnom Penh to this province, especially the area of ​​National Road 41 and National Road 51.

Kampong Speu also has plans to develop many new factories, especially in provinces with major national roads.

Invest land in Cambodia
Invest land in Cambodia


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