How to work as English Teachers in Cambodia?

How to work as English Teachers in Cambodia?
How to work as English Teachers in Cambodia?

Cambodia is a country that also focuses on education for the young generation to gain a bright future. However, some parts of the country remain the low quality of English education toward youths. Not so many youths or people in a rural or remote area can speak English. This indicates that Cambodia is in the low profile of English daily usage. According to the recent EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) 2020, Cambodia is in the number 84th of out 100 countries in the world that can speak English better.

Speaking of which, this is an opportunity for foreigners who would like to help or involve themselves in the educational section by just teaching English to Cambodians. For foreigners, there are many kinds of available opportunities. They can teach only one or two semesters in some schools during their vocational trip or they can come to live and teach in Cambodia instantly.

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This chance can be considered to be a great benefit for the countries that English is a native language. Since they do not need to have a great credential to work in the field of English somehow. As we know, English literacy consists of three important sections, including speaking, writing, and listening. So, at least case, foreigners can work as a teacher who teach Cambodian to speak English.

Apart from this, foreigners, have come to Cambodia or other countries, are not only focus on making a living. However, they would like to give with no return. They volunteer to work as a teacher just only to help or gain experience from Cambodia. There were many young foreigners who come to teach in Cambodia for receiving their experiences and along with that is to help Cambodian children, especially.

These are the choices that you, as foreigners, can make in order to live in Cambodia. To conclude, you can work as a teacher in some workplaces in Cambodia, or working as a volunteer just to gain experience or just to help young Cambodians. However, the best choice, I would suggest is that you should be both, but depends on your personal time. Since you have to spend some time with your own life as well. Though, this is a great help for Cambodians and especially for Cambodian youths. Either of your choices is grateful for us, as a Cambodia.

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