How to start a shoe shop business in Cambodia?

Want to start your own shoes shop business? Like any other businesses, before starting, you have to be well- considered, and know the basic steps of starting a business. One thing that help you to open a business is financial budget. Without any financial budget help you, it may be a bit hard to start up a business. However, if you have a small amount of money, you also can start a shoe shop business, it doesn’t matter how small it is, but at least you’re the owner, and surely your business can grow bigger and bigger.

Below are some things that you should know before and after starting a brand shoe shop business:

1. Research about the brand identity

By doing a research before starting your shoes line, it can help you to find a niche or gap within the market. So when you identify your distinct segment, begin making a mood board or a whole presentation to voice your vision clearly. These also help the business owners know about what kinds of brand that are being popular among teens.

2. Experience in the shoes industry

By experiencing in the shoes industry, you can understand of shoe designs, makers and types, materials, and match can permit a store owner to be additional useful to customers, permitting an unforgettable client service expertise.

3. Choose the right location

Having a location with a high-traffic storefront is usually beneficial for a retail business. The costs of store can vary according to the size and location of the store. While rent of buildings in high-traffic retail areas can be expensive, that expense may be justified by general awareness that such a location can provide.

4. Register for business license and permit

Mostly there are no license required for shoes store; however, there are also some registrations that are required shoes shop business to register such as sale tax permit, occupancy permit, and employer identification numbers.

The average expense for starting up a shoe shop business should be around $50000 as this is not the actual average expense, and there are also many things that shoes store cost a lot of money like you have to spend on grand opening ceremony to attract customers, franchise fee if you are opening the brand shoes one, and insurance fees, salary expense, and more.

If you want your business to be recognized by people, you should do marketing or some promotion. You can boost your page on social media platforms, or ask influencers to review your products to get more engaged from specially teens.

How to start a shoe shop business in Cambodia?
How to start a shoe shop business in Cambodia?



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