How to Start a Restaurant in Cambodia?

Perhaps you’ve spent sleepless nights daydreaming about your perfect restaurant, from the delectable food and welcoming staff to the fantastic location and ambiance. Perhaps you’ve spent years in the restaurant industry, learning all of the complexities of the trade. Whatever path led you here, now is the moment to turn your dream into a reality and create a restaurant.

1. Create an idea for your restaurant

From the food to the way you serve customers, your restaurant concept should be weaved into every part of your operation. The name of your restaurant, the design of your collateral, and the d├ęcor should all reflect your concept.

How to Start a Restaurant in Cambodia
How to Start a Restaurant in Cambodia

2. Create a business plan for your restaurant

The basis of your operations should be laid out in your business strategy. An executive summary, firm description, industry analysis, geography analysis, target market analysis, food safety plan, sample menu, marketing strategy, management strategy, and financial plan should all be included.

3. Research funding options for your restaurant

To figure out how to fund your restaurant, look at the starting and operating costs. There are several choices to explore, ranging from hiring an investor to obtaining a small company loan. To acquire a better grasp of your predicted cash flow, determine your break-even point and construct a financial analysis.

4. Obtain licenses and permits needed to open a restaurant

Aside from the regular business licenses and permits, running a restaurant necessitates the acquisition of additional licenses. Make sure you research food safety legislation and make a list of the requirements you must follow.

5. Register your business

Before starting the registration process, you will need: a valid business visa, a local bank account with at least $1,000 deposited, and a certificate of health and a criminal background check from your home country.

It’s time to begin the government registration process now that you have these materials. The Ministry of Commerce (MoC), the General Department of Taxation (GDT), and the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training will all be involved in this process (MLVT). Much of the MoC process, fortunately, may be completed online. For further information, see the government’s instructions on registering a Cambodian business.

6. Select the right location

The location of a restaurant may make or destroy it. During the choosing process, visibility and foot traffic are two crucial elements to consider. You should also consider the size and shape of the inside to see if it is a good fit for your restaurant’s layout.

7. Order restaurant equipment and hire staff

Restaurant equipment can be costly, so you’ll want to choose wisely when purchasing or leasing it. Make a list of everything you absolutely need vs what you want, depending on your menu. Then, based on your budget and financial research, make decisions. One more thing, hiring staff is the most crucial step to start a business. You can either choose a experienced one or intern one which is consist of different benefits. Best things are the best that we should high paying attention to because staff is the face of our shop.

Starting a Restaurant in Cambodia
Starting a Restaurant in Cambodia


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