How to start a beverage business in Cambodia?

Setting up a business is kind of popular in Cambodia, and attracts entrepreneurs from overseas to invest. The drink trade is being well known than others in the business field. While it’s comparatively simple to line up a business, it will be a bit difficult to confirm it thrives. Regardless of any types of business, it is important to provide the best quality of products or services, and focus on a great deal of your time and energy on developing a loyal shopper base.

If you’re thinking of starting a business, it is very essential to analyze the market and take care of the practicableness of your inspiration beforehand. Even though the market is growing, it remains small and pliant.

Make sure to know your limitation, strengths, your product or service, your customers, and lastly the market conditions. With these they can assist you to understand more about market, help your gain more profit and avoid losses once your business begins. You’ll be able to focus your attention on promoting your products as well. When it involves evaluation, the standard will justify the value, and it is important to not make customers feel that they’re being overcharged.

1. Registration and other requirements

There are not any restrictions to a business in Cambodia, no land possession is concerned. To line up a business in this kingdom of wonder, you should have a legitimate visa, and work permit and a bank account with a minimum balance of US$1,300 (the law formally solely states a minimum capital demand of US$1,000).

To start a business in Cambodia, it’s currently obligatory to register via the Ministry of Commerce Business Registration website. you have got fifteen days to complete your application once you have got started. The following steps are really important for your registration that you need to complete.

  • Creating a user account on the website
  • Reserve an organization name in either English or Khmer, and pay a service charge for this
  • Register your company and pay another service charge for this
  • Print your certificate of incorporation

You should bring along or upload the following documents for your registration:

  • an indication of identification, like a passport
  • A medical certificate
  • an indication of your company’s location
  • A letter, signed by a director of the corporate,
  • Your company’s memo and articles of association

2. Challenges

Businesses in Cambodia are mostly built on the personal connection, and it’s very important to gain trust from customers through marketing. There are some challenges that you, as the entrepreneurs have to overcome, such as weak law enforcement, inadequate infrastructure, high energy cost, loss, and more.



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