How to start a beauty salon business in Cambodia?

If you’re kind of interested in starting a beauty salon business, you have to be well-considered, and know the processes of that business. You need to know the maximum expense in which things that you should spend on, salary of your employees, equipment and electricity expenses, and more.

How to start a beauty salon business in Cambodia
How to start a beauty salon business in Cambodia

Quickly read these plans and tips below to give you more ideas about setting up a beauty salon business:

1. Make sure you’re confident and experienced enough

Starting up a business either small or big isn’t really easy to accomplish. Many people before stating up their business, they at least used to work or got through that field of works. For this reason, it can help you to know how the business side works; you also get to know many people, and you might have a good connection with those who work in the same field as you. Don’t be afraid to do so if you’re committed, and experienced enough. It’s the time for you to own a business.

2. Prepare a business plan

Any types of business, you have to prepare a business plan in advance for how are you going to earn money, how to attract customers, how to make the customers believe in you, expenses and revenue, what types of products that you should choose for your store or in your business, and many more. Creating a business is really essential to do for starting up a business.

3. Find a location

If you’re planning to open a beauty salon, seeking for the right location is one of the important thing in running a business. If you’re aiming to get a lot of customers, you should choose a location where is surrounded by people such as near the supermarket, market, or in the market, in the urban area, and so on. You can choose any places that you like, but make sure it’s crowded and benefit to your shop.

4. Hire teams

Hiring a team is absolutely needed. If you choose those who are really experienced and good at doing salon, customers would be appreciated and noted your shop, then they would come again next time for sure. An average salary for each staff should be from $200 to $300.

The averages expense for starting up a business should be around ($50’000+), but you can also start your salon business with smaller budget ($2’000). These include rental fee, marketing, equipment, initial supplies and inventory, licenses or certification, legal fee, and more.


If you plan to own a business, make sure you prepare yourself well to overcome challenges that you might face soon or in the future. You might face financial loss, distrust from customers when starting a business for the first time, and more. You also have to put up with your customers as well because not all customers are satisfied your services, so they would make complaint, and use harsh words to you and your teams.

beauty salon business in Cambodia
beauty salon business in Cambodia

If you want to attract customers to your salon, I would suggest you to promote your shop by posting a promotion on social media platforms, do advertising, ask influencers to promote your shop, or review your products to get more engaged and reached by people. Make sure your places are clean, and comfortable with air conditioners or fans provided.



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