How to open coffee shop in Cambodia?

Following water and tea, coffee is the world’s third most popular beverage. In 2016, 148 million 60-kilogram coffee bags were made around the world. The beverage has historically been associated with the elderly in Cambodia. However, with the increasing influence of Western café culture, young people in this country are spending more and more time in coffee shops.

How to start a cafe shop buisness in Cambodia
How to start a cafe shop buisness in Cambodia

Along with the mushroom development of coffee shop in Cambodia, there are very competitive to open one. However, there a will there way. In this article, we will explore the ways to open a coffee shop properly with prospective future.

1. Seeking a proper location

Understanding the environment of the coffee shop is the most primary one to attract target customers. Two types of environments must-have in the coffee shop: a place for entertainment and a place for a formal meeting. Therefore, seeking a suitable location is a must to attract these people to spend a great time in our coffee shop. Renting a place along the crowded road is a better choice to gain attention from customers who driving on. The last thing is to consider about parking space for customers. They would drive past our shop if we have no space for them to park properly. That why location considers as the first factor to contempt.

2. Be Unique and Best service

Not all people who go to a coffee shop to drink coffee and customers need something new from our shop with a better service. Due to these, we should serve not only coffee but also consider putting some food or stack in the menu. Some customers love to eat food with the smell of coffee along with their breakfast or lunch to gain a better feeling. One more thing is to be a unique place for customers. The shop has considered having a shop identity which means that when be reminded of that identity, the customers will think of only our shop. Among those, we can design better names, or decorate our shop uniquely.

3. Create a Trendy, Relaxing Café Atmosphere

When it comes to attracting customers to a coffee shop, the atmosphere is crucial. According to customer surveys, the key attractions for a café are convenience, familiarity, and the overall atmosphere. 6 Starbucks’ calming, modern, and cozy atmosphere, in addition to its service model, is one of the main reasons for its success.

How to open coffee shop in Cambodia
How to open coffee shop in Cambodia


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