How to get information related to the stock market in Cambodia?

The stock market is currently an electronic market, easy to enter / exit (buy / sell) and can change quickly. Its ups and downs are based on information received by investors as well as their judgment based on that information.

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  1. The ultimate goal of this week’s article is to introduce the ways in which investors can access key information for their investment decisions. But before knowing those means, investors should know what information is provided and be able to read that information.

    Market information here refers to information on listed companies and trading data on the market. Listed Company Information: Listed company information refers to all information directly related to the company, such as information on the company’s business operations, status. Company Finance, Company Information, Key Management, Company Strategy and Business Plan, Dividend Policy, etc.

    Price • Refers to base price: usually the closing price of yesterday and is set as the base price for daily price change ដែន 5%.

    Opening price: The initial trading price for each day.
    Closing price: The last trading price of each day.
    High / Low Price: The highest or lowest trading price of each day.
    Current price: The last trading price at any time. After the market closes, the current price is the closing price.

    Expected price: The price that is expected to be the trading price if traded.
    Five-layer price: is the price with five buy / sell orders above and five below the current price or the expected price.

    Size / Quantity:

    Trading volume: The total trading volume per day.
    Expected Quantity: The amount of securities that are expected to be traded if traded.
    Five-layer quantity: The total order quantity in each class of the five-layer value.

    Trading price: The total trading volume per day (= trading size x trading price).
    Market Capitalization: The market value of a company listed on the CSX. (= Trading price x Total number of shares of listed company).

    CSX Index: A composite index that shows the overall change (average weight) of all stock prices in the market. Like the price, the CSX index There is a high and low index and a current index.

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