How to get Cambodian Citizenship and Set up a Company in Cambodia

Want a 2nd passport?

You can get a legit Cambodian citizenship and 2nd passport.

It’s also a great place to form a company and start a business, and here’s why… Most wanderers who finally make it to Cambodia have a truly peripatetic perspective. Unlike Thailand to the west, the country really is undiscovered.

SE Asia’s best kept secret – Cambodia is rarely the first stop for a traveler to Asia, that’s far more likely to be Toyko, Bangkok, Hong Kong or Singapore – not Phnom Phen . Most people don’t know about it, many that do wrongly assume there is nothing there.

But it is the false pretense that there is ‘nothing there’, which makes business opportunities ripe for the picking.

But Cambodia is a gem.

From the ancient temples at Ankor Wat in Siem Riep, to the seaside province of Sihanoukville; Cambodia is full of Exotic Experiences, Polite People, and Interesting Investments. Also, its the only SE Asian country you can get a passport, and whereas it would take over 10 years to get citizenship in Thailand (and probably never happen anyway) its possible to get a legit citizenship in less than a 4 months in Cambodia.



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