How to Find a Job in Cambodia?

Seeking a job in Cambodia after you’ve arrived is much easier than finding one before you arrive. Many employers would not respond to CVs submitted from outside the country. If you’re looking for a high-paying job with a great expert package, keep in mind that salary rates for in-country applicants are often lower than for those applying from outside the country. It’s not difficult to find work in Cambodia, particularly if you’re willing to be flexible.

1. Job Portal Sites / Recruitment Agencies

Getting a job in Cambodia is so easy! You can find a job in less than 30 seconds and be working in Cambodia within a week. Popular company websites like CamHR and Bong Thom Classifieds are excellent places to start. Job listings can also be found in English-language newspapers, which are especially useful for NGO workers. The Cambodia Daily is only available in print, while the Phnom Penh Post has a print and online edition with work listings. Top Recruitment and HR Inc. are two of the few headhunting companies operating in Cambodia. These are a safe bet if you’re looking for a career in the private sector. They still have a lot of NGO and growth opportunities, as well as consultancy opportunities. More info:

2. Employers

Reliefweb Cambodia has work postings from various development organizations and the United Nations for those searching in the NGO and development sectors. Additional UN work can be found in the procurement portion of specific UN websites. Idealist also has a lot of work and internship opportunities in Cambodia. Phnom Penh Post Jobs:

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3. Networking/ Facebook Jobs / Linkedin Jobs

However, networking with other experts is the most productive way to find work in Cambodia. Despite the fact that the experts’ population is growing by the day, it is still small enough that seeking a job the old-fashioned way–through someone you know–isn’t too difficult. In Phnom Penh, in particular, there are numerous opportunities for networking. Many networking events in the capital can lead to job opportunities throughout the region. May recruitment agencies are actively recruiting staff on Linkedin Jobs and Facebook Jobs. You can create a professional profiles there and start the conversation with those recruitment agencies, the more you have good relationship with them the more chance you will land a job. You can find jobs on LinkedIn by exploring the job listings. You can also use LinkedIn to find a job by connecting with recruiters.  If you’re looking for a job in Cambodia, you can find all the opportunities on LinkedIn. Browse jobs by industry, company, or keywords to find your ideal job.

How to Find a Job in Cambodia

How to Find a Job in Cambodia


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