How to date in Cambodia | Dating in Cambodia

Dating is the first step to start a relationship. Every country has her own style of dating, and Cambodia has too. Like any other country, a small group of people might probably think or question that “is dating the simple thing that you can do effortlessly when having a relationship?”. So well the answer is “No”. Dating in Cambodia is very essential for the couple at the first time or many times; it mainly shows the impression between men and women towards their relationship. If you often don’t date, you will get less in touch in your relationship, or you might have a feeling that your relationship isn’t that close as you can’t see each other very often.

In Cambodia, people can date in different ways, but you have to respect the culture which means not to overdo something​ opposing the tradition. The tips below, no worries, will let you know of How to date basically in Cambodia.

1. Ask friends for help

Before you decide to start a relationship, you’ve to ask yourself first what kind of relationship that you want, a serious relationship or a casual fling? whatever your choice is, on your date, you should treat your couple nicely, and be well-prepared for your own appearance and behavior. If you want to start dating, but you know no one, so for this reason, you can ask your friends to set you up with someone that they think or might be good for you. Let them introduce someone for you that you’re compatible with.

2. Try searching for some tips on the internet about dating

Some Cambodian people tend to seek help on the internet about dating tips. Some of them might be having a hard time through their date as they have no idea what is it about, so they try to google some tips of what should the couple do during their date. It’s not a common activity that Cambodian people usually do, but it works the best when couples stuck at some point.

3. Please be active or speak nicely before, during, and after dating

Whether it’s your first time or many times of dating, you and your partner should communicate with each other pleasingly. Don’t use inappropriate words when talking as it shows disrespect to your own couple, and you’ll also be criticized by others.

4. Set a reasonable time for your date

Please limit the time for your dating, don’t take it too long. In Cambodia, the longer time you take for your date, the more you’ll get bored. The time should be around 3 to 4 hours, and that should be enough.

How to date in Cambodia
How to date in Cambodia


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