How to bargain and buy a car in Cambodia?

For those who can afford the prices of the cars, and don’t have any complaints, they don’t normally negotiate with the sellers to reduce the price. However, for those who want to have a special price and reasonable one, they always try to bargain with the seller to get a discount. Some of you might not know how to haggle over the price of vehicle. If so, no worries, read the article below to get some tips for getting a great deal.

1. Before going to the car companies

  • Doing a research about the car price list in advance helps you to the price in general, so at this point it’s easy to negotiate with sellers, which mean if they sell the car over and over price, you can raise that point up, and start bargaining.
  • Get to Know about the vital options of the vehicle that you want. Don’t get talked into a lower specification, instead, aim for the model you actually need at a reduction.
  • If you’re part-exchanging your current automotive, please make sure you know how much should it worth. This will help you to work less hard haggling on the rest of your deal.
  • Doing some research for rival dealers around your place to check if any of them giving great deals on same automotive. This will also be a great negotiation tool.

2. During your arrival at the car companies

  • When you go to car company in person, and talk to salesperson, make sure you talk to them nicely and polite; however, never let the salesperson know your prime limit.
  • If you pay by cash, don’t tell the salesperson immediately. Dealers blow up profits on finance deals, therefore let them haggle over the car’s price on this basis. After that you’ll be able to decline the finance deal later if you want.
  • Start off by lowering the amount of you budget, which means stating the amount lower than what you have prepared to pay, and if the salesperson doesn’t agree, then you can gradually increase.
  • Be positive regarding your aims. For instance, when talking to a salesperson, don’t say “Can I even have a discount?”, but instead, ask them “How much discount are you going to give me?” However, if they don’t offer you any discount, and you still insist on getting the car, you should offer the close deal whether you both can agree about it. If they still don’t really offer you any discount, or move much on the original price, don’t be afraid to walk out of the company.
How to bargain and buy a car in Cambodia?
How to bargain and buy a car in Cambodia?


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