How much money do I need to move to Cambodia?

Many people always ask a question “How much money do I need to move to Cambodia?” Well, that’s a complicated question! It depends on whether you’re moving to the city or the countryside, and what lifestyle you want to lead once you get there. The good news is, you’re not alone: thousands of people make the same move, every year, and the country is full of people who want to help you.

For those who want to relocate to Cambodia, you’ve to be well-prepared of your budget in advance before moving to Cambodia. You also have to plan everything beforehand if you decide to live in Cambodia, and these include the rent, vehicle, food, and so on. If you’ve relative who already live in Cambodia, no worry, it’s not a big deal on expenses as you can live under the same roof with them for a short time, and find the rent or buy a house later.

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At the meantime, if you don’t have any relatives in Cambodia, and want to move to this country, it’ll be a bit hard, but you still can live in Cambodia as long as you do some research about this country in advance. The research should be related to the cost of rent, living in the city and provinces which one is better, the living condition in Cambodia whether you can adapt to new culture or not, expenses on food, utilities, shelter, and many more. So after doing the research, you can decide whether you should live in provinces or city, then the expenses will also be depended on those two as well.

If you decide living in city, you have to spend a big amount of money than living in the provinces. Since you have to spend on rental fee of a house is around $170 to $300 per month, then you also have to pay for the food, utilities, electricity, and other stuff. You also have to spend money on vehicle since living in the city require you to have your own transportation so that you won’t have to spend on the taxi or tuk tuk. You can also use the public transport, and it costs you a little money with the air conditioner provided. Using public buses cost you only around 1500riel ($0.4). For food, you can spend around 10000riel ($2.5) to 20000riels ($5), and you can serve for 3 meals. If you have kids, you also have to spend on their school fee as well, and it costs around 100$ per month if they are in high school, $500 to $3000 per year if they are in university, and $10 up if they are in primary school. And you also have to spend on something more besides these.

If you decide living the provinces, it won’t cost you a lot of money. The rental fee, food, and electricity are also cheap. When it comes to transportation, it won’t cost you much money unlike in the city. You also have to spend money on many stuff like in the city.

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Overall, if you live in provinces, the budget should be around $2000, and for the city, the budget should be around $3000.

How much money do I need to move to Cambodia?
How much money do I need to move to Cambodia?


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