How many wives can you have in Cambodia?

Like any other countries, In Cambodia, you can legally have only a wife, if you have more than one once you haven’t got divorced, it’s considered illegal or against the law of the country.

Getting married is the important thing that couple have to be well-considered before starting their life as a wife or a husband. In Cambodia, before the couple officially become a wife or husband, they have to celebrate their wedding at least let the mayor, elderly people of each side know about this.

Of course normally a man can have more than a wife, but he only has one official wife. In particular, if he wants to have another new wife, he has to get divorce with his previous wife, and then he can get married once again.

The wedding is the traditional ceremony in Cambodia that every couple is required to celebrate it. Usually for Cambodian, the wedding ceremony takes one and a half day, and during the wedding the bride and groom have to wear the wedding traditional clothes. The ceremony normally takes place at the bride’s house, and there are more events that each couple is required to do during their wedding day.

To celebrate the wedding not only for respecting and obeying the laws of the country, but this symbolizes that the bride and groom officially becomes a wife and husband, and no one can bother or becomes the third wheel in this marriage, unless each of them cheating secretly.

On the other hand, once there is a wedding, there will be having a divorce just sooner or later. That’s why each couple has to be fully prepared, well-considered, and make sure they can be responsible in the family.

How many wives can you have in Cambodia?

Commonly, the divorce occurs due to the fact that couple can’t live together anymore, can’t find the income to support family needed, have too much responsibility in the family, have conflict, use harsh words towards each other, cheating, and more. Those are the common problems that make couple get divorced.

Getting a divorced in Cambodia also has the process to do it, and it’s also related to the law of the country. If you ensure that you’re ready to get divorced, you have to go to the court, and it also takes ages to get done. Sometime it takes a month to get ready or more than that. If couple officially get divorced, they of course can find new partner and get married again.

How many wives can you have in Cambodia-Cambodia Time
How many wives can you have in Cambodia-Cambodia Time


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