How Khmer24 Makes Money

In this article, Cambodia time will reveal how classifieds site like Khmer24 make money. And what the Khmer24’s revenue streams are.

Why Classified

You will get multiple options at one place and there will be no boundaries of nationality in advertisements. Basically, you could find the best service or product exactly according to your requirement. It is easy to find what you need with the help of a classified website.

Classified will do all that you want. All you need is to post a classified advertisement on free or premium classified website. And then you will get responses accordingly.

The most common drawback of newspaper advertising was their short and limited space. Since user-pay according to the words or line in the newspaper advertising, they get limited space or their advertisement which makes it little inconvenient as well.

A classified website means a place where you can find what you are looking for. If you are a job seeker then you can just go on the classified website. And with easy search, you would be able to find several suitable advertisements that will represent what you are looking for.

The original meaning of Classified advertisement was a newspaper advertisement where people find and post their requirement and services for wider audience coverage. However, the online free of charge advertisement became more popular due to their ease of utilization and even wider audience coverage.

Basically, the coverage of online classified advertising cannot be compared to newspaper advertising. No matter whether we look at it from the cost perspective or area coverage perspective, online advertising is one of the most effective options for users to post an advertisement.

How classified website, Khmer 24 make money

Khmer 24 classified website

Here are some income stream of Khmer 24 classified website in Cambodia

1. Banner ads

If you want to have you ads banners display on Khmer 24 whether three months or six months or 1 year you have to pay Khmer24. Even though not all products or services are allowed to display on Khmer 24 as it has own policies to restrict some products from being posts or advert on their site.

2. Feature ads

If you want you products or services show up on top of other posts on Khmer 24, you will need to pay. You products or services will be shown up on top post on home page or when users search for product/services.

3. Social Media Sponsored Ads

Khmer 24 Facebook page has 735,912 likes, if you want to have your products or services show up on their post on their page, you will need to pay whether by monthly package or by post package.

4. Mobile Banner Ads

As Khmer 24 mobile app users are growing, if you want to reach out to your target customers using Khmer 24 mobile app, you can display your ads banners on Khmer 24 mobile app (Android and IOS) then you have to pay monthly or yearly based on your marketing campaign.


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