How is Business in Cambodia affect during Covid-19?

Since the start of 2020, the world has confronted the Covid-19 pandemic, which led to a decline significantly in different sectors all around the world, the same as the Cambodian economy. The covid-19 in Cambodia so far is reaching 2,273 cases, 11 Deaths, and 1,172 recovered. Compared to these cases to the world, Cambodia is a low rate of cases among other countries. Therefore, the economy in Cambodia is partially affected not completely.The most affected business in Cambodia is a small business, like motor vendors, restaurants, and the big one is a hotel since there are not as many tourists as during the pre-covid-19 pandemic. As we see, there are many restaurants in Phnom Penh that were closed, motor vendors lost customers since only fewer people go out.

Additionally, Siem Reap province, a famous tourist site for people around the world. Most hotels were also closed temporarily due to a down drop in tourists. This issue really affects a lot of people in small business owners and hotel owners.

Apart from this, individual people in Cambodia are also most affected by this pandemic, like employees or workers since some industrials are closed due to limited export to the world. For instance, the garment industrials in Cambodia are struggling to a high level as well as to maintain salary for employees.

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However, the government of Cambodia also takes action by asking for house rent owners to reduce the amount of money for rent in order to relax the spending of employees or works who come to work in Phnom Penh.

No matter what the case is, I still believe in faith in people to come all together to destroy this virus. It is very easy to do just practices three rules from WHO: washing hand, keep in distance, and wearing a mask. The only way to recover the economy is to keep doing what is right to stop the spreading of this virus at all costs.

How is Business in Cambodia affect during Covid-19?
How is Business in Cambodia affect during Covid-19?


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