How important is urban planning?

Urban planning is becoming more and more important in Cambodia as cities grow rapidly, the demand for housing and business space is growing. And the pressure on easing and infrastructure is getting stronger.

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  1. According to a document from the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction on the strategic framework of land policy, Phnom Penh is a big example, but the provinces Many face the same problem. Urban land management requires a lot of development to reach a guaranteed standard of living.

    In addition, the planning of municipal lands in order to attract investment and to improve the land location and to be able to acquire the land required factors Other from the provision of affordable housing and other services.

    An important step is to clarify the competence of municipalities and communes in land use planning, development plans, construction codes, regulations, legal zoning. How to adjust the mechanism for implementation. The second key step is to clarify the land allocation mechanism for urban development.

    These certifications cover the exclusion of public land (for land, transportation, public services, housing and commercial construction), the role of the land market in new developments and needs. In adjusting the plot (adjusting the boundaries of the plot and the infrastructure).

    This phase is planned to be included in the sub-decree on land use planning and urban land management. The sub-decree must also clarify the process of reviewing and approving the local development plan.

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