How does Yellow Pages make money?

The name and concept of “yellow pages” came about in 1883, when a printer in Cheyenne, Wyoming, working on a regular telephone directory ran out of white paper and used yellow paper instead. The term Yellow Pages is not a registered name within the United States and is freely used by many companies.

Cambodia Yellow Pages

Cambodia Yellow Pages (YP) was established in 1997, considered as the largest publisher of businesses listing directory in Cambodia and also well known as #1 and leading local businesses directory providing the fastest search of all commercial, industrial and consumers through YP print directory and digital online platform:

How does Yellow Pages make money? Yellow Pages Cambodia

Over the years, YP has been serving the Individual, Small, Medium & Enterprises (I-SMEs) and Large Enterprises by connecting buyers and suppliers and was the most trusted source of local business information for decades, and it continues to be used by millions of consumers and businesses.

To fulfill to Digital Century as well as increase more online visibility and digital presence for local businesses, YP was developing new online platform/portal with full features combining all businesses directory, marketplace-e-commerce and property-real estate portal to be the top one multi-platform/portal allowing all Users such as: I-SMEs and Large Enterprise upload their biz profile, products, services, property (house/land, Condo, Apartment…), photo galleries,….., etc.

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Through our YP new platform, it will make more easier to all users/consumers for searching everything they need. They still can search very fast by typing on direct keywords, Business Category, Product Category, Location, Brand Names, Properties-Real Estate (House, Land, Borey, Condo, Commercial, Office, Apartment,……), Buy/Sales /Rent and more filters.


To be the Best/Leading Print & Online Advertising Solution as well as become the ” trusted partner-growth partner ” to SMEs, Large Enterprises as well as Individual Businesses in Cambodia, providing full database of businesses directory, marketplace and property-real estate.


We are committed to bring the best quality of all our product and services to our value customers and partner with highly satisfaction, win-win solution in order to to become the ultimate and top-of-mind search tool for consumers and businesses looking for everything they require.

Management Philosophy

Our customers’ success is the key of our existence. Our thoughts, actions and priorities are focus on our customers in our working hours

The Company shall care and develop the team members. The team members shall care and develop the business

There is One Vision, One Team and One Goal. We move in unison and prosper as a group.

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Corporate Principles

Knowledge of Company’s objectives, goal and vision. Acting in harmony and commitment towards achieving it

Encourage participating relations between managerial staff and employees, customers and suppliers and social responsibility, integrity and ethical principles

Corporate Management wishes

To secure all employees a share of SUCCESS commensurate with their achievements and to allow them to develop their personalities within the Company

To satisfy customers’ requirements with highlight beneficial products, services and systems, and to be an effective, innovative partner to these customers

To maintain fair, lasting business relations with advertisers

To guide the Company’s efforts towards creating and securing long term earning capacity and to organize it for the good of the society


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  1. In a nutshell, there are 6 ways Yellow Page (local directory) Cambodia generate profit:

    1. Paid listings
    2. Featured Listings & Special places for listings
    3. A special event, promotion news and eCatalogs
    4. Marketing to the audience
    5. Advertisements
    6. Membership fees

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