How can you acquire an existing business?

Buying an established company has many benefits, the most important of which is that you can begin trading right away. When you buy an existing company, you don’t have to wait for the property to be fitted out; you can start earning money right away from your existing customer base. This usually comes at a cost (the business’s purchasing price), but if you can find a good deal, it’s always a good idea to go this route.

Step 1 – Find a business that interests you: Most reliable real estate firms have company for sale listings that you may be interested in. The current state of the business, as well as the lease and financial details, are normally included in the listings.

Step 2 – Check the lease of the current Business that you want to buy: It is better to check about Due Diligence when you set up your business. Due diligence is the examination or exercise of care that a fair company or individual is required to perform before entering into an arrangement or contract with another entity, or performing an act with a certain level of care.

Due Diligence is an important step in the process. The new owner must ensure that the current lease agreement permits the transfer of the business. Coordinate with the property owner and negotiate a new lease agreement if the existing lease does not provide for the transition to a third party. The new lease agreement could alter the rental price.

Keep in mind that before a company opens to the public, it should have gone through the process of consulting with the property owner to see if the lease can be transferred. In theory, the current business owner cannot sell the company if they are aware that the contract does not allow for the sale. It is, however, important that you double-check. Your real estate agent will help you negotiate the new lease conditions. They can also search for another venue if it isn’t negotiable. In the case of a franchise, venue or lease arrangement are not taken into account. You are free to set up shop wherever you want.

Step 3 – Sign the new lease or assignment of lease rights: Once the property owner has agreed to the lease transfer, interested parties sign a company transfer agreement. This is made possible by the real estate agency. They review the lease papers, coordinate/negotiate with the landlord, and prepare the requisite documents for signature. When you leave it to the professionals, it’s painless and hassle-free.

Check tax receipts and other contracts from suppliers if you want to keep the existing business name: The main benefit of holding the current company name is that the incorporation process is quicker, taking just 3-5 weeks on average. You’ll still keep customers who are already loyal to that specific brand or name. If you’re buying an established company, make sure the previous owner’s tax payments are current. Check for any outstanding debts with current vendors as well.

Step 5 – Hire or re-train existing staff: You have a young population of Cambodians eager to make a name for themselves, depending on the degree of revamping you decide to make on your market. The workforce is diverse; all you have to do now is find the right people.


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