How can I immigrate to Cambodia?

Individuals may have their own reason behind the immigration to Cambodia. What are the reasons to immigrate to Cambodia? This is a question that many people want to answer. When you work hard and make good money, you want to make your life better.

The first step to a better life is getting out of your current country, which is often expensive, and difficult. Or sometimes you may just want to find a peaceful place with natural beauty, beautiful landscape, and comfortable place to live or relax there. Immigration to Cambodia is required many steps, and many documents are also needed.

A Cambodian ministry working party is presently drafting a replacement law on immigration to manage foreigners within Cambodia. New Cambodian Immigration Laws may well be introduced in 2021. Immigrating to Cambodia, you’re required to have a visa.

Before moving to Cambodia, it’s best to secure visa for your staying. You’ll be able to additionally get your visa upon arrival; however, taking care of it beforehand, you won’t have to obsess about it upon arrival, which is also good and more convenience.

You can submit your visa application via mail or face to face at your nearest Cambodian diplomatic building or embassy. There are 2 main forms of visa that are available: the traveler (T) visa, and the Business (E) visa. Each of them is valid for thirty days once arrival in Cambodia.

To apply for a Cambodian visa, you are required to submit the subsequent paperwork:

  • a completed visa application
  • a passport-sized picture
  • Your passport, that should be valid for a minimum of another six months
  • Your address and return envelope which is a pre-paid one

For business visa applications you may need:

  • a letter from your company, or letter of invitation from Cambodia, supporting the requirement for you to apply for a business visa.

You will be charged a small fee twice or thrice once you apply for your visa, and when you extend your visa at the Ministry of Interior once moving to Cambodia.

If you are living abroad like in Europe and immigrate to Cambodia, of course you must apply your visa beforehand at your own country, but if you living in neighboring countries like Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, you can be able to apply for your visa at border crossing between the country.

How can I immigrate to Cambodia-Cambodia Time
How can I immigrate to Cambodia-Cambodia Time


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