How can I go to Kampot?

Kampot is an attractive place and famous In Cambodia. Tourism can’t get over by this along journey that full of beaches, seafood, clothes, markets, restaurants, resorts and natural with a lot of Island. By traveling to Kampot consists 3-4 transportations way get into this fabulous city with safety and joyful. Mostly tourism like spending their holiday in Kampot 2-3 days by renting camping or book the hotel cover with pool, restaurant and convenient place.

Tourism really appreciate to travel by train. Travellers can take the train from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville Line, which will stop at Takeo train station from Phnom Penh station that takes about 2 hours. The train stops here to allow the passengers to get a 10-minute break to purchase foods and drinks before the train continues its journey to Kampot Train Station. The last drop-off point is located at Sihanoukville station. The best way to get to kampot is by train with 7$ and take 3 hours from Phnom Penh.

If you’re looking for a bit of comfort during your trip, then a private taxi is your best option. The journey will take approximately 3 hours in total and there is some absolutely stunning scenery along the way. While driving you can ask driver to stop and take picture along the road with beautiful scenery.

Bus is a best way and the cheapest price from Phnom Penh to Kampot. The journey will take approximately at least 3 hours. On the bus will cover with toilet, TV, air-condition and you can cook by yourself and eat on the bus if you don’t want to purchase your food outside. You can see the schedule and book it, otherwise you will miss the bus.

Driving by motorcycle is a freedom way to ride by a couple and romantic journey along the beautiful scenery with natural air. If you don’t have motorcycle, in Phnom Penh have the rental service and a reasonable price. Driving by motorcycle is a good way to see a long way to a nice city.



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