How can I get a valid Work Permit in Cambodia?

Working in Cambodia, required foreign nationals to complete all requirement which stated in the Cambodian labor law. The Cambodian Department of Immigration ensures an official work permit and employment card to be obtained by foreign workers who intend to eligible to work in Cambodia. This article is for those who would like to know how to apply for a work permit, employment card, and how to apply for a long-term extension to “Business Visa” (E-Visa).

Business Visa (E-visa)

Work Permit in Cambodia
Work Permit in Cambodia

There are three months available for E-visa without a permit work, longer than that, foreign workers must apply for a permit period.

Generally speaking, foreigners entered the Kingdom require to purchase one-month E-type visas, priced at $35. However, currently, the cost of EB for one month is $50, three months is $80, six months is $160, and one year is $290 when purchasing through agents.

However, new visitors to Cambodia are allowed to apply for the first six months, and a one-year E-visa without a work permit in order to allow them to seek jobs in Cambodia.

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Obtaining a work permit

How can I get a valid Work Permit in Cambodia?
How can I get a valid Work Permit in Cambodia?

According to Cambodian labor law, all foreign national workers who come to work in the Kingdom must have a work permit. On 4th September 2017, the new rules come into enforce that work permits must be applied when foreign nationals apply for six-month and one-year E-visa extensions.

In addition, Foreign workers must also follow the conditions below in order to legally work in Cambodia:

  • Have a legal job offer from an employer
  • Legally enter Cambodia
  • Have a valid passport
  • Have residency permit
  • Have no contagious disease

Work permit applications: Required a work permit and employment card is the responsibility of the employer to assist foreign national workers. However, it is also possible for you in case you would like to do it on your own through online applications.

Online Application for work permit applications:

  • Work permit renewal period: Between January and March each year, the official is a period for renewal of a work permit. The advised processing period for a Cambodian Work Permit is 15-20 working days after all supporting documents are submitted and the payment is completed.
  • The fees for the Cambodian work permit are approximate:
  • $200 for Work Permit
  • $80 for a one-year penalty if you have never processed a work permit.
  • $35 for over quota per foreign staff (for companies).

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