How Can Cambodian People Make a Living During Coronavirus?

How can Cambodian People Make a Living During Coronavirus? Here are how Cambodian people are making a living during covid19 pandemic.

1. Food Stores and Restaurants

Selling food is a hot business in Cambodia. During the covid19 pandemic, some areas in Cambodia were locked down for at least 14 days followed by the law and ministry of health. People are likely to stay at home ordering food. Both small, medium, and big restaurant and food stores were closed their shops, yet they are allowed to sell food online. The restaurants and food shops connected to the delivery service companies delivering their food to customers every day. This how the food store and restaurant they are making money.

2. Grocery Stores

Small Grocery Stores are allowed to sell as usual, but they are acquired to follow the Ministry of health and local authorities’ procedures to sell those grocery products to their customers.

3. Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers such as Facebook gamers, inspirational speakers, YouTuber, and other internet marketers are making money from their channels as usual, but the income is decreased comparing to the normal day or year without coronavirus affection.

4. Civil servants

Civil servants are the government staff. They have monthly salary as usual. They are low risk then other people in term of financial issue as they are the civil servants.

5. Corporate businesses

Some businesses were closed such as Factories, hotels, guesthouses, ..etc. People who are working for tourism sector are the most affected people. All staff who were working there were resigned and looked for a new opportunity while some other remain no job, yet they return to stay at homeland to escape from covd19.

6. Non-Profits Organizations

Some organizations have been reduced staffs as they don’t have more fund to support the projects ‘activities while some other organizations are still remaining active working online. Therefore, those staffs who are working for the organizations are still receiving payment as usual.

How can Cambodian People Make a Living During Coronavirus
How can Cambodian People Make a Living During Coronavirus?


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