How can “Cambodia Trade” support your business in Cambodia?

Cambodia Trade is an e-commerce marketplace that operates through under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce in order to assist small and medium enterprises in Cambodia to sell their products online to potential customers in both domestic and overseas markets.

The market was established with the financial support of the Enhanced Integrated Framework under the Cambodia e-Commerce Development Project (Go4eCAM), which aims to promote the benefits of online commerce. Electronic systems for small and medium enterprises.

Cambodia Trade is now open for pre-registration to small and medium enterprises wishing to sell their products in this market. In order to have access to the market, small and medium enterprises must comply with the following regulations:
1. A company or enterprise that is officially registered with the Ministry of Commerce or has a business license

2. Have a valid Patent Certificate and VAT Certificate

3. Sell ​​products made in Cambodia.

For more details, please read the following announcement:


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