Is it easy to get a job in Cambodia?

Seeking for a job that you are passionate about is easy as long as you are skillful and qualified enough, then you will be able to get one. If you are looking for a job that works in the non-organizational government, you’re required a lot of experiences for at least 5 to 10 years to get into it. Plus, high paying jobs are also needed many requirements. But no worries at all, you will still get hired even if you have no any experiences in working. Everyone can get a job in Cambodia including both locals and foreigners as long as you’re willing to be flexible and willing to work. Read these reasons below why it’s easy to get a job in Cambodia:

Is it easy to get a job in Cambodia?
Is it easy to get a job in Cambodia?

1. Not every workplace requires experience

In Cambodia, not all of the companies require experiences because they want to give the opportunities to people who have no any experience in working, so those who are not used to work will probably get hired. To be eligible, some of companies are only required those who graduate from high school, or people will easily get hired if they show their commitment and potential of why they want to be chosen. There is nothing to worry about, all you need is confident. If you believe in yourself, everything will flow smoothly.

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2. Experiences from volunteer work

You’ll be selected if you have experienced in any social working. Some companies will only require your social working experiences. Some people might say doing volunteering job is wasting time because you will get nothing from voluntary, and it doesn’t benefit you at all. But you’ll never know how important volunteer work is, it does give a lot of advantages and give more opportunities in seeking for jobs. Sometimes you will easily get hired if you have experiences from those unpaid jobs as many workplaces need those involvements. So start working with voluntary work or internship even if it’s unpaid or paid, you’ll surely gain more knowledge from those works.

3. Networking

Networking helps people to easily get a job as well. Advanced technology has made people’s life more convenience, notably in Cambodia. The more technological has developed, the more advantageous people get. Because of this, people can discover a tons of job lists on the social media platform, therefore they can look for a job that they want without spending too much effort on seeking for jobs. In Cambodia, many companies post the job application and requirements on the internet as well as on Facebook or other websites, so people can just apply for any works they like. It’s always a good step to start a first move.

Jobs in Cambodia
Jobs in Cambodia

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4. Skill proficiency

In Cambodia, many companies need those who are high skill, very proficient at one main task to be an employee because skilled workers are highly productive, and they definitely have the expertise to deliver a job well done, and benefit to the companies. Those who are very skillful, and specialized in one field, you’ll always be the first priority in getting a job; therefore, you’ll be treated better and well paid if you’re highly proficient, and without doubt you’ll get hired no matter what.


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