Does Cambodia have retirement visa?

In the past, Cambodia would offer retirement visas to expats over 50 years old, allowing them to live in the country for up to three years. These visas were great for those looking to retire in Cambodia, as you could do so without becoming a Cambodian citizen, and you would not be required to purchase health insurance.

However, Cambodia no longer offers this type of visa, so you’ll need to apply for the other types of visas offered here.

Cambodia has a number of visa options for expats, and one of the most popular is the retirement visa. If you qualify, you can live in Cambodia indefinitely, and there are no age restrictions.

However, the program does have some rules, and you must be both healthy and wealthy to be considered. If you don’t meet all the requirements, you can get a visa on a single or multiple entry basis for tourism. (The visa lasts for 90 days with multiple entries allowed.)

The process for visas is pretty easy here. There’s even a special class for retirees. once you arrive within the country, check that you get the regular (E class) visa, and not a traveler visa therefore you’ll be able to get the Asian nation retirement visa.

You can apply for ER visa extensions. Below are the retirement visa requirements:

  • You must be at least 55 years old or older than 55 years’ old
  • You should be unemployed
  • You must prove that you’re retired by showing your social security documentation and having enough retirement fund statements.

Without leaving a country, there are 2 types of visa that you can be extended, which are Tourist Visa (T Visa) or Ordinary Visa (E visa).

More than this, there are 4 different types of Ordinary visa (E visa) in Cambodia, which are (EB) visa for business, (EG) visa for employment, (ER) visa for retirement, and (ES) visa for students.

If you plan to stay in Cambodia for longer than 2 months, you should get your ordinary (E) visa, which you can be extended for more than 2 months, not Tourist (T) visa.

Does Cambodia have retirement visa? Cambodia Time
Does Cambodia have retirement visa? Cambodia Time



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