College dropouts to become rich, Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg?

I sit in a cafe and hear people talking about “Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of schools” and I’m always wondering if they believe “Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg succeeded in dropping out of school”.

Of course, Gates and Mark did not become rich by dropping out of school, but some still believe it or otherwise cheat on some successful seminars or websites that inspire young people to be less valuable. Go to school, stop working for others to start your own business, become a young millionaire or Young Entrepreneur.

Did you know that Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg passed Harvard University on their own, a world-class university, and only the best ones passed?

Did you know that Bill Gates passed the first year with the highest score without entering the class before starting Microsoft in the second year?

Did you know that Mark has been a computer programmer since high school? Did you know that Mark can read and write in French, Latin, Hebrew, and Ancient Greek?

In my eyes, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are so talented that it can be said that “I’ graduated from college. And the story of graduating or not finishing is the smallest thing for Bill Gates.

“Every day I see training seminars, successful courses, and a lot of websites writing to encourage people to be less interested in learning, to quit their jobs and become self-employed sooner,” Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. “Learning is not over.”

The world never tells us what life is like for the 10 million school dropouts.

The world never tells us how those who frantically quit their jobs and go into self-employment fail.

There may be 2 out of 10 million successful people in the world, Gates and Mark, and forget that the rest of you live on the streets and do not know if there is food tomorrow and how to live. .


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