Are things cheap in Cambodia?

Cambodia has many great places for shopping, and everything is inexpensive in this country. If you’re looking for clothes, they are fixed prices, and if you’re looking for accommodation when traveling, there are many cheap places with good quality. Souvenirs and foods are also cheap which you can purchase and order as many as you can, and no worries, you won’t obsess with the prices of every item.

Are things cheap in Cambodia?
Living Cost in Cambodia

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1. Travel accommodation in Cambodia

When traveling to Cambodia either in provinces or Phnom Penh city, you’ll spot many travel accommodations such as hotels, hostels, and guest houses, even the prices of these accommodations are unbelievable.

  • Hotels: Hotels are the most preferable one, which people usually choose when they travel. This mostly are being used by family and those who want a cozy place. Every hotel has one or two swimming pools, and foods are also provided. The price of staying in a hotel per night is around $30, and breakfast is included.
  • Hostels: Hostels are being popular among teenagers and adults. You can enjoy staying in a hostel with comfortable atmosphere, air conditioners, and restaurant which is prepared by a hostel, but you have to spend on the foods by yourself. The price of staying per night is around $5 to $6 only. Some hostels won’t provide you a swimming pool.
  • Guest houses: Guest houses are also used by people of all ages when they travel. The price of staying per night is around $15 to $20, and breakfast isn’t included.

2. Clothes and souvenirs

If you’re looking for a shopping destination, Cambodia is considered to be one of the best sites for shopping. Clothes are very cheap here, and the quality is beyond belief. The fabric is soft and great which can’t describe more, and it doesn’t suit with the prices. If you go to the local markets, you can bargain with the seller to reduce the prices just in case you think the original amount is expensive for you. For the branding clothes, they are very affordable as well, and the fabric of the branding clothes is unbelievable. There are also many branding stuff and stores in Cambodia; if you are seeking for branding bags or backpacks, Cambodia has its all.

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Cambodia is also widely known as a place that produce handmade souvenirs, and features of each souvenir is different from one another. If you’re looking for jewelry, art sculptures, scarf, and many more, you can find those at local markets, and the prices of one handmade gift such as Khmer scarfs, replica bracelets and rings, are around 10000 riels ($2.5) only per one. For the art sculptures are from $15 to $20, and the quality is great, and the features of each art is unique.

3. Foods

When it comes to foods, everything is healthy, cheap, and delicious in Cambodia. Vegetables are organic as it’s mostly grown by the locals. If you’re looking for fresh home-grown vegetables such as lettuces, cabbages, tomatoes, and many more, you can find these at local markets, and it’s only about 10000r ($2.5) per kilogram as it’s the average prices per kilogram. Sometimes, the price depends on what kinds of vegetables you choose.

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  1. In general, living in Cambodia is cheap. Food is cheap, accommodation is cheap, and transportation is cheap. The cost of living in Cambodia is much cheaper than in other countries in the region. Cambodia is a developing country, and hence the cost of living is low. A person can live on $300 a month in Cambodia.

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