Are electric cars allowed in the Cambodia?

Recently there is a famous electric car brand entered into Cambodia.  The electric car is known as “LEVDEO”. For 40 minutes of electricity charging, it can run up to 470 km without refueling.

electric cars in Cambodia, Cambodia Time
electric cars in Cambodia, Cambodia Time

Cambodia’s electric car demand seems to be importing more and more electric cars as there is an increase of the momentum of electric car users in the kingdom.

Recently, Chinese electric car maker LEVDEO has imported its electric car and claimed that this car model takes only 40 minutes to electricity charge for 80% which users can drive up to 470 km.

This SUV model has a battery capacity of 59.13kmh, an NCM Lithium battery, which even though the car has only 10% battery left, it is still not as weak as some other electric cars.

For the speed of the LEVDEO i9 is able to run a distance of 130 km per hour, and when fully charged can ride up to 470 km, which is the only power for electric cars in Cambodia now.


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