Tourism of Pursat

Pursat is situated in the western side of the Tonle Sap lake, Pursat province is covered mainly by mountainous terrain. Although the province is not home to many ancient temples, the highlight of this province concerns the history of the war between Siamese and the Khmers that took place just before the French Colonial era in Cambodia. A popular historic site is definitely that of the Tomb of Oknha Klang Meung, the Cambodian hero who led the war against Siamese and defeated them in 1482.

While in Pursat, visit the floating town of Kampong Luang, and take in the natural beauty of the Ouda. These are unspoiled attractions that this charming province boasts. This is also a town known for its top-quality marble. Besides farming, most of the residents make their living sculpting using marble as the main medium.

Kampong Luang, a town floating on the Tonle Sap Lake is just 40 km away from the Pursat town center. The floating village includes a police station, schools, restaurants, a clinic, shops, and bars. The town is self-adequate and is equipped with all the facilities of a grounded city.

The Ouda, a remote attraction, refreshes even the most tired travelers with its gorgeous scenery and tranquility. Any stress brought on by the challenges of work or family life will be overly enthusiastic in the natural splendor of the river, which flows from the Arai River in the Cardamom Mountains. The mouth of the river, approximately 500 meters wide, can be framed by a large number of huge and small rocks. Through the rainy season, the superior water crashes over the smooth stones, however, when the rains dry out, sentimental travelers may take a seat on the rocks to think about their journey. Opened just a couple of years back, Ouda has situated in Rokat Commune in Kravanh district 58 km from Pursat town.

Things to Do and See

Pursat and its own surrounding attractions will definitely season even the savviest traveler. Lunch along the highway, dip into history with Oknha Kleang Mueng, a floating village tour, and bathe in the healing waters of Ouda for an unforgettable trip.

Marble & Wood Carving
Pursat province may be the just region where marble is available and for that reason, Pursat is quite famous throughout the entire country because of its marble products. Skillful craftsmen are seen at the job sculpting huge Buddhas or beautiful statues. There are over 160 carving workshops generally in most districts, except the mountainous Veal Veng district. Most workshops are small private enterprises, although the odd one employs up to 13 craftsmen. Many workshops and shops in Pursat sell types of wonderful marble handiwork, which will make stylish souvenirs.

Another interesting craft spot to visit can be Bunrany Hun Sen, a vocational craft training centre. It’s the ideal spot to discover and speak to residents, learning a time-honored traditional craft such as for example weaving silk scarves, grass mats, sewing beautiful bags, and purses or learning the trade of a sculpture. The centre is situated following to Pursat SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL on the north side of Pursat, along street No9.

Kampong Luong, Tonle Sap Great Lake
The floating village of Kampong Luong on the Tonle Sap may be the most unique and interesting spot to visit in Pursat Province. It’s a complete village on water populated by over 10,000 inhabitants. Everyone lives in boats and the complete village moves along with the amount of drinking water in the lake. The city has the majority of the usual facilities, restaurants, schools and even karaoke bars. Since there is nowhere for people to stay overnight, you’ll be able to make it happen and back a day, since it is between 35km- 40km northeast of Pursat. The simplest way to make it happen is usually by taxi or moto-taxi to Krakor, which can be on the path to Kampong Chhnang town. A moto driver from Pursat ought to be approximately USD $6 each day and the journey should consider about 1 ½ hour each way.

At Kampong Luong you can charter a boat showing you around and it will cost approximately USD $3/person for one hour, with no more than four tourists allowed per boat.

Chrak La Eang waterfall
Chrak La Eang waterfall is a sight of natural splendor, with views of the waterfall and forests. Visitors can swim or slide down the cascading river or relax in the calmer 2km stretch of stream. To make it happen, head for Chheu Tom commune, Krakor district, and 73km southeast of Pursat town and about 41km from Krakor market. It requires approximately 2 hours on a motorbike and 1 ½ hour driving in a pick-up from Pursat. A Motodup should cost approximately USD $10-15 for a return trip and price is negotiable.

Koh Sampov Meas
Koh Sampov Meas Island Park is based on the center of the Pursat River, just before the Pursat hospital, 1km north of the first main concrete bridge. Though it is usually currently along the way to be upgraded to a provincial park for tourists and local residents, it features some finely crafted sculptures for visitors.