Prey Veng

Tourism of Prey Veng

Prey Veng is a small but heavily populated agricultural province located on the southeastern banks of the mighty Mekong. The name of the province literally means ‘tall forest’, but it no longer has those lush forests as most of the trees had been chopped down over the years.

Tour wise, there is not much to see. However, during the pre-Angkorian times, this must have been one of the most populated and lively areas of the country. One of the earliest pre-Angkorian kingdoms is located in the area around Ba Phnom.

This is also a good stopover on the way to Kampong Cham or Vietnam. The town itself preserves a few old colonial buildings, evidence of it being a lively and important centre in the old days. It has its fair share of temples as well. The Chong Srok temple may be worth a visit. Otherwise, there is the Ba Phnom resort, the Ba Ray An Det resort, and Viel Brang to relax at.

As the province of Svay Rieng, this province is also off the tourist maps, leaving backpackers the ones benefitting from this quaint province.

Things to Do & See

Viel Brang
Viel Brang (Veal Brang) In the City, Prey Veng is one of the natural Prey Veng PLACES OF INTEREST. The united states of Cambodia include a number of attractions that range from natural ones to cultural ones. The Prey Veng province is situated in the south of Cambodia.

The Viel Brang (Veal Brang ) In the town, Prey Veng is a wonderful spot to experience pristine nature. The Viel Brang (Veal Brang ) In the town, Prey Veng can be a nature and wildlife protection. It is located in the Kampong Leav Commune. The website is excellent for adventure and hiking. You can observe various species of wildlife and plants here. In addition to the Viel Brang (Veal Brang ) In the town in Prey Veng you may also discover other Attractions of Prey Veng. A few of these attractions are Ba Phnom Resort, Prey Veng, Ba Ray An Det Resort, Prey Veng, Fish Growing Center, Prey Veng, Kampong Sne Damp, Prey Veng, Nokor Phnom, Prey Veng, Prey Chong Srok Temple, Prey Veng, Vihear Chan Temple, Prey Veng and Weaving Handicraft Center, Prey Veng. Viel Brang (Veal Brang ) In the town, Prey Veng is in fact situated in the town center. So that you can visit this gorgeous place easily.

Nokor Phnom
Nokor Phnom is situated in Roung Dam Rei Village, Cheung Phnom Commune, Bar Phnom District, about 45 km (1h:30mn) From Provincial Town. It really is a Nature & Wildlife Preserves.

Vihear Chan Temple
Vihear Chan Temple is situated in Rong Dam Rey Village Cheung Phnom Commune, Bar Phnom District, about 30 km (1h) From Provincial Town. It really is a Historic Sites & Buildings.Vihear Chan Temple, Prey Veng is among the best religious sites of Prey Veng. It really is classified among the best Places of interest of Prey Veng. It really is situated in the Rong Dam Rey Village Cheung Phnom Commune in the Bar Phnom District which is near the Prey Veng province. The Vihear Chan Temple, Prey Veng can be an often visited site in Prey Veng.

The Travelers won’t face any difficulty in reaching this beautiful temple as the positioning of Vihear Chan Temple, Prey Veng is well connected. It’s better if you hire an automobile or a tourist bus prior to going to go to this religious spot. The Vihear Chan Temple, Prey Veng is an excellent site from where in fact the travelers are certain to get to know a whole lot about the religion of the Prey Veng people. The temple may also inform you even more about the customs and rituals accompanied by the folks of Prey Veng after visiting this temple. The Vihear Chan Temple, Prey Veng could be reached within 1 hour from the provincial town. The Vihear Chan Temple, Prey Veng includes wonderful architecture. The travelers are awed at the wonder of the architecture. So don’t miss coming to the Vihear Chan Temple, Prey Veng while on a journey to Prey Veng.

Ba Phnom Resort
Former old Capital named Nor Kor Phnom. Nowadays, it remains some obvious as an ancient temple called Pra Sat Chan situated in front of Kuk pagoda closed so Sam Pov Mountain in Cheung Phnom Commune, halls and palace are completely damaged by war in those days. Ba Phnom offers gorgeous scenery when viewing the front of the above peak and big rocky caves, the hideout of wildlife. At the mountain’s valley, there exists a pagoda named “Ba Phnom” surrounded mountain rank and a big pond at the East of the pagoda. Around the mountain, there are residences of the neighborhood people. The resort of Ba Phnom offers been planned to build up as a big tourist attraction in the eastern part of Mekong River because this area can be attracting most visitors during the Cambodian festivals and holidays.

Baray Andet Resort
Located at Baray village, Baray commune, Prey Veng District in three-Kilometer distance west of the provincial town of Prey Veng. This resort has a plain hill and big tree surrounded the people believe that Baray Andet is the powerful and sacred place for swearing and wishing. The music of Pin Piet is usually concerted for offering to Neak Ta on every Buddhist holiday, festival day or Sunday for asking for happiness and rain.

Buying Things in Prey Veng

As you will visit any provincial of Cambodia, Prey Veng province you can buy most commodities at every market located near center of town, even though small towns like have at least one market for shopping.

You may also find a market in the town’s centre, which is a busy area with local shops dealing the local daily consumer products, like fish, pork, beef, fruits, vegetables, meats, packed products, and grocery items for your personal cooking or take away. Most of the food and drink shops are located in the center of the market.

How To Get To Prey Veng

Prey Veng is with a 90km distance to Phnom Penh not far away (to the east). Kampong Cham is even closer with 78km to the North. Due to the former, bad condition of NH No 11 the place used to seem a world away. For good the government comprehensively overhauled the road in 2003 and now the city of Prey Veng is easy to enter.

Minibusses/Bus/Share Taxis: There is lots of minibusses going almost every time of the day from Phnom Penh to Prey Veng (6000Riel). Most of them leave near the central market (Southwest corner), where you can also find lots of usual buses heading to Vietnam or Svay Rieng Province (they have to pass Prey Veng). Going with a shared taxi won’t cost you so much time to reach, but a little more money (8000-10000Riel, 2 hours). If you would like to go to Kampong Cham, there are also minibusses leaving from the centre of Prey Veng city for a 1/2 hour ride costing 4000-6000Riels.

Motorbike Info: The wonderful newly overhauled road is a mixed blessing for motorbikers as it gets a lot faster to Prey Veng, but less interesting and enjoying than the crappy, bumpier roads of old.

By Flight: For the time being, there is no flights schedule and airport to Banteay Meanchey, only main destinations in Cambodia offer you affordable flight and quick more easy

​By Boat: Currently, there is no boat for access to and from Kandal, You can go Takeo by road transportation.

Food in Prey Veng

There are numerous restaurants and bars in [[Prey Veng]] which let you enjoy an authentic dining experience at the restaurants and bars in the province. Restaurants offer you a cuisine which is quite light on the stomach. And what’s more, the dishes come at reasonable rates. Mostly the dishes come teemed with rice or sometimes noodles. You will also get both Thai and Vietnamese characteristics in Khmer food. There are many restaurants in provincial town:

Mittapheap Restaurant
The same family of the nearby Mittapheap Hotel owns this restaurant. The manager of this place is always concerned about their guests and therefore ensures fast service. This means this place turns up as an agreeable, sometimes funny restaurant offering Khmer, Vietnamese and Chinese food.

Arunreas Restaurant
They take full advantage of their parkway location by having a little sidewalk taking in the area. It’s a nice enough early evening spot as the locals ride by on their evening motorcycle pleasure cruise. They have good food (Western and Khmer), and an English menu to go along with English-speaking staff

No Name Restaurant
Located over the parkway from the Arunreas, this place is simple to spot, since it always appears to have Coca Cola and Player umbrellas create. The food is certainly tasty but is ready to try your hand at Khmer because they don’t speak English and there isn’t an English menu. The staffs is quite friendly and even though.

Kolap Stung Treng Hotel & Restaurant
Great Khmer and Chinese food with an English menu and beer girls, on top of that.

Hotel Sok-sabat & Restaurant
During our trip, the hotel was discussing expanding its restaurant. It had been discussing expanding its restaurant. It had been only serving a soup breakfast and catering to wedding parties at that time.

Noodle and Rice Shops
Along the parkway and close to the market place are some dirt cheap, simple Khmer food stands.