Tourism of Pailin

Pailin is a city in Pailin Province, located to the north of Cardamom and Elephant Mountains in Cambodia, bordering Thailand. It is mainly known for natural resources like timber and gemstones that are procured, processed and sold in a variety of forms. Pailin is normally relatively a more recent destination to tourists visiting the united states. Tourists visit Pailin because of its ancient temples, wildlife, native forests also to look for gems.

Pailin includes a unique culture compared to the rest of Cambodia since it is mainly dominated by Shan Burmese, an ethnic group from Burma. Referred to as Kola, these folks have got a different language, customs, food and traditions within elements of Thailand and Myanmar. Exploring Pailin also helps travelers to see this difference.

History of Pailin

Pailin was conquered in 1558 by the Burmese and later by the Thai until 1907. It had been returned to Cambodia after WWII. Pailin became the central city for the Khmer Rouge who occupied the province because of its abundant natural assets and precious gemstones.

They continued to plunder and hold a regime even after their defeat in 1979 as such Pailin suffered huge economic and natural losses, which declined the typical of living of the Khmers. It had been only because of the 1990s that the town was revived. Because of the efforts of several nonprofit organizations, NGOs, government organizations and ecotourism projects, things possess stabilized in the province along with boosting tourism.

Places to Do & See in Pailin

Wat Phnom Yat – The hilltop temple of Phnom Yat is one of the top attractions in Pailin. Located at 500-meters atop Phnom Yat, the temple includes a Burmese-style stupa built by folks of Shan tribal community. A huge statue of Buddha dominated the very best of the hill, which is usually to be climbed to attain there. There is absolutely no entry fee to the temple. Go to the temple in the first morning or the evening for spectacular views of sunrise and sunset along with witnessing the stunning views of Cardamom and Elephant mountains.

Wat Rattanak Sophoan – Wat Rattanak Sophoan is another pagoda located at the foot of Phnom Ya. Additionally, it is a Burmese style Pagoda a lot more than 600 years old. It really is known for the intricately carved bas-relief depicting the Hindu mythological event of the churning of the Ocean of Milk.

O’Tavao Waterfall – It really is a bed comprising water streams located amidst the stunning mountains. It hails from the nearby Phnom Khieu, and due to its close location to the mountains, the water is quite clear and ideal for swimming. It gets crowded during holidays and weekends since it is a favorite getaway for locals. The entry fee for foreigners is normally 1 USD.

Steung Kuy – It really is a wildlife and natural resources conservation centre situated in Phnom Kuy Village, about one hour from Pailin town. It really is known for boating in the river and the encompassing views of forests.
Tribal village tours – Pailin houses many tribal communities who reside in nearby villages like Kbal O’Chra and Banh Hoi. You’ll be able to visit these villages on guided tours which can be booked via tour operators, guesthouses and hotels. They cost about 5 to 8 USD per person and will have a few hours.

2-Day Itinerary in Pailin

Time 1: Spend the first time exploring the city on a walk. Check out Wat Rattanak Sophoan initial and climb up to Wat Phnom Yat in the late afternoon for fantastic sunset views.
Day 2: Check out Steung Kuy Wildlife tour for swimming in the river, boating and spotting wildlife. Next, visit O’Tavao Waterfall for the evening. Spend the night time checking out the marketplace for gemstones and other souvenirs.

What is the optimum time to go to Pailin?

The optimum time to go to Pailin is between October to February, when the elements are not hot, and the humidity is manageable. It really is an excellent period to become outdoors. Proceed in the first morning or late afternoon in order to avoid the hot sun and for pleasant sunrise and sunset views of the encompassing landscape from the temples. Additionally, it is an enjoyable experience to take pleasure from the waterfalls which are full following the rainy season

How exactly to Reach Pailin

  • The closest city to Pailin can be Battambang. There are several minivans and buses available from all major cities like Kep, Kampot, Siem Reap, Kratie and Phnom Penh to Battambang.
  • It takes between four to six 6 hours, according to the city of departure and costs between 20 to 30 USD per person.
  • From Battambang, you can reach Pailin by bus, which takes about 2 hours and costs 4 to 5 USD.
  • You may also reach there by renting taxis which would cost about 12 to 15 USD for a one-way trip which can be shared.
  • It takes about 1 to at least one 1.5 hours to attain.
  • You may also make it happen by renting a motorbike or a Tuk-Tuk, which would cost between 10 to 15 USD per person and takes about one hour.

Tips When Arriving in Pailin

  • Carry the fundamental stuff like sunscreen, umbrella, mosquito repellants and good hiking shoes.
  • There are simply a few ATMs here, and all transactions are completed only in cash. Carry sufficient cash while travelling.
  • Take caution if searching for gemstones in Pailin.
  • It is preferred to get gemstones from reputed, authorised dealers as duplicate gemstones have grown to be rampant in the city recently.
  • Tribal village tours in Pailin possess gotten commercialised recently with the influx of private tour operators threatening the natural life of the villagers. Read reviews and use your judgment before booking these tours.