Ministry of Health, Cambodia launches a Mobile App “KhmerVacc” for Covid19 vaccination management

Ministry of Health, Cambodia launches a Mobile App KhmerVacc for Covid19 vaccination management

According to the official page of the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Cambodia has emerged related to the launch of a mobile app to record and manage information for vaccination of Covid 19 people and launched on February 3, 2021.

This app is called “KhmerVacc”, which is on Google Playstore and Apple App store, you can download the application and register in the following way.

Visit the official website https://cambodia-vaccine.gov.kh

To access KhmerVacc, please follow the instructions below:

1. Go to https://cambodia-vaccine.gov.kh/vcc/vaccine_app.apk. Or scan the QR Code to download on the Mobile App (can run on Android) called KhmerVacc

2. Click “New Registration”, fill in the system requirements, then enter your personal password and click “Submit”.

3. You can check the registered information by selecting KhmerVacc, enter the name and password generated and click “Login”, you will see the registered personal information.

4. After successful registration, the Ministry of Health will notify you of the time and place of the Covid-19 vaccination via Notification app at an appropriate time.

Cambodia Covid19 Vaccination Card

Cambodia Covid19 Vaccination Card


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