Kep Will Have Two More Resorts For Tourists

Kep Tourist Site, Cambodia Time

The Kep administration plans to create two more beaches to attract more national and international tourists.

Addressing by the Governor of the Kep Provincial Council, His Excellency, Ken Satha at the Press Conference on the Progress and Continuing Direction of the Kep Provincial Administration this morning said that Kep has a strong development in tourism, as international tourists flock to the many resorts, especially in the coastal areas of Kep. He added that as the tourist situation in Kep increased from year to year, the authorities were studying to create two more coastal areas to divert tourists to the new ones. However, he said: “Our province is only 350 meters long, which he finds is very congested because it is too short, so we are trying to expand two more beaches. It is a public beach about three kilometers long. ”

He also emphasized that the beaches are natural and the waves bring sand 3km long, not the sand filling. Currently, the Kep provincial government is working hard to expand the tourist destination and encourage people to travel to some of the coastal areas. He also called on foreign investors to invest in the province as the Royal Government of Cambodia identifies Kep as a high-end tourist destination. It should be noted that the development of Kep Province to be a high-end tourist destination includes cities, beaches, islands, markets, harbors, villages, locals, businesses, tourism services, and even resorts. There is no establishment of a “casino” and an enterprise.

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