Kampong Chhnang

Tourism of Kampong Chhnang

Kampong Chhnang is a province popular because of its fine clay pottery. The name of the province says everything in Khmer: Kampong Chhnang means “Port of Pottery”. The folks of this province enjoy making pots, vases and different other types of ceramics through the off harvest seasons.

Interesting sights in the province include two floating villages and a hamlet well-known for its distinctive pottery.

The quiet village of Ondong Rossey is where in fact the area’s famous red pottery originates. Nearly every household in this area populated by serene rice fields dotted with sugar palms is making some type of pottery roughly. The pots, mostly unpainted but decorated with etched or appliqué designs, are either made out of a foot-spun wheel (smaller pieces) or banged into shape with much wooden spatula (larger ones). The intricate process is usually fascinating to observe.

A short boat ride from the waterfront will take travelers to two amazing floating villages: Phoum Kandal to the east and Chong Kos to the northwest. Many of the village inhabitants there are ethnic Vietnamese. Living on the water, they have all the amenities a mainland village would have – houses, shops, vendors, petrol stations and even a mosque.

Kampong Chhnang is located at the heart of Cambodia. It’s bordering Kampong Thom to the North, Kampong Cham to the East, Kampong Speu to the South and Pursat to the West. This province is not only at the fertile and almost ever-wet heart of Cambodia, but also just a 91km ride from Phnom Penh, so it’s a quick jaunt up.

Its capital is Kampong Chhnang town. Kampong Chhnang is one of the nine provinces that is a section of the Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve. Due to its location next to the Tonle Sap Lake Kampong Chhnang’s population is predominantly in fishery and rice plantation involved.

Especially the provincial capital Kampong Chhnang, which is an easygoing river port town that is worth a visit, focuses on fishery and therefore features a big fishery port. It is, easy to get to from Phnom Penh via national road number 5 5, passing by the former capital of Udong. Khan Pailin (4 Sangkats, 36 villages).


According to Government Census 1998, The total population in Kampong Chhnang is 538,163 persons including 259,347 males and 278,816 female or 3.6% of the total population, which is 14,363,519 person in whole Cambodia (2007, provincial government data). The growth rate is usually 2.4%. The above number is also consisting of 407,453 persons or 85.5% who are farmers, 29,250 persons or 6% who are fishermen, 35,076 persons or 7.5% who are traders and 4,783 persons or 1% who are government officers.

Kampong Chhnang’s local economy is based mainly on fishery, rice and fruit cropping and several garment factories. Especially rural households depend on agriculture and its related sub-sectors.

Things to Do & See

Wat Phnom Robath
Plan a tour to Kampong Chhnang with your best pals and relatives for a relaxing holiday. A visit to Kampong Chhnang will allow you to know about the village of Cambodia from close proximity. Kampong Chhnang boasts of serene surroundings including the sugar palm-lined horizons. On your tour to Kampong Chhnang you can visit numerous tourist spots. Wat Phnom Robath, Kampong Chhnang is one of the well-known tourist destinations of the locality. A visit to the Wat Phnom Robath, Kampong Chhnang will be an unforgettable moment for you.

Wat Phnom Robath situated in Kampong Chhnang is among the celebrated temples of the region. Wat Phnom Robath, Kampong Chhnang is certainly sited along with a hill. Devotees and tourists from differing of the world go to the Wat Phnom Robath all over summer and winter. From the Wat Phnom Robath, Kampong Chhnang you could have excellent views of the encompassing areas. The view of the Cardamom Mountains from the Wat Phnom Robath, Kampong Chhnang is merely great.

On your own visit to the Wat Phnom Robath in Kampong Chhnang you pay a visit to the many hill temples plus some other temples. The foremost temple of the region is approximately 11 years old.

Phnom Krang Romeas
Kampong Chhnang, the administrative centre of Kampong Chhnang Province is normally a celebrated river port town of Cambodia. Kampong Chhnang provides many sightseeing attractions that are worth paying a visit. Among the celebrated holiday destinations of the city may be the Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang. Tourists of most ages go to the Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang on a frequent basis.

Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang may be the popular natural resort of Cambodia. Nature lovers want to visit this Phnom Krang Romeas in Kampong Chhnang. On your own visit to Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang you can spend time beneath the shady branches of the big trees.

Both adults and children go to the Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang regularly. In this natural resort, you can refresh your ears with the chirping of the birds. So, if you would like to flee from the humdrum of city life, then your Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang may be the ideal venue.

Addressing the Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang is quite easy. This resort is sited far away around 2 kilometers from the provincial town of Kampong Chhnang. Phnom Penh can be about 13 kilometers from the Phnom Krang Romeas, Kampong Chhnang.

View of Tonle Sap Lake
View of Tonle Sap Lake, Kampong Chhnang is among the most liked tourist sites in Cambodia. According to numerous people, Kampong Chhnang may be the most gorgeous of the Cambodian provinces. The province can be found centrally on the Tonle Sap in the Tonle Sap Lake region of Cambodia. View of Tonle Sap Lake, Kampong Chhnang provides been attracting hordes of tourists and travelers each year.

Kampong Chhnang has many industries, which fishing and rice growing and pottery will be the main occupation of the neighborhood people. Most people earn their living by catching fishes and the Tonle Sap Lake in the province of Kampong Chhnang serves as the main base for catching fish. View of Tonle Sap Lake, Kampong Chhnang is the famous fishing area of Cambodia.

With the view of Tonle Sap Lake, Kampong Chhnang, you will be able to learn about the style of living of the fishermen in the region. You can catch the view of Tonle Sap Lake, Kampong Chhnang, if you travel for about a kilometer from the provincial town and area of Kampong Chhnang.

This Tonle Sap Lake in Kampong Chhnang fishing area is located in front of the Kroum Market and includes many floating houses. There are numerous fisheries in dry season and you may tour around the fish raising places of the region. Visitors can catch a spectacular view of the variety of birds that are seen resting or chirping on the branches of the trees.

You may also view the fishermen catching fishes in the early mornings of each day. Enjoy the view of the great fish traps, some half a kilometer long that helps to trap huge tones of fish, as the fish migrate from the falling lake into the Tonle River.

Phnom Neang Kang Rey
Among the major Tourist Attractions in Kampong Chhnang, the Phnom Neang Kang Rey, Kampong Chhnang is one of the most attractive and popular ones. The Phnom Neang Kang Rey, Kampong is located 14 kilometers from the Provincial town of Kampong Chhnang.

You will take about an hour to travel to Phnom Neang Kang Rey, Kampong. For tourists and travelers, there are regular buses and cars available from all parts of Cambodia. Phnom Neang Kang Rey is definitely a natural wildlife preserve. Phnom Neang Kang Rey, Kampong Chhnang is situated in the Trabek Village in the Trangil Commune at the Kom Pong Leng District of Cambodia.

Phnom Neang Kang Rey as a natural reserve has been attracting large numbers of tourists from various areas of Cambodia and also from other parts of the world. There are tall and beautiful trees and flowering plants that add to the natural beauty and elegance of the place. You can go for a casual stroll and will organize nature’s walk along with the beautiful Phnom Neang Kang Rey, Kampong Chhnang.

Buying Things in Kampong Chhnang

In Kampong Chhnang, there are two markets, where one can pop by for shopping, the Phsar Leu at the heart of the city and the Phsar Chhnang, which really is a tiny bit further Northeast from the centre. Both of these have become busy areas with local shops dealing with the neighborhood’s daily consumer products, like fish, fruits, vegetables, meats, and packed products. All drink and food shops are encircling the market.

Food in Kampong Chhnang

Kampong Chhnang has few options to consume as below:

Mittapheap Restaurant
This restaurant is known to be among the best around. They possess their menu in English available supplying a huge range of Khmer dishes such as soups, noodles, and fish dishes.

Mekong Restaurant
There are decent Khmer and Chinese food in this simple place. Mekong Restaurant:
This common restaurant has a wide variety of Khmer, Chinese and international food. It’s on the Battambang road. This is a place you might need a little while to tell the waiter or the cook what you’d like to eat. But with a little Khmer or just the global finger sign, you’ll have proper food. It’s opposite the bus station. Prices are quite reasonable.

General food points
Be aware that most of the restaurants in Kampong Chhnang city close around 8 pm as it is fairly usual for locals. During the day there is plenty of small places offering noodle dishes/soups next to the Phsar Leu und Phsar Chhnang market. You will also observe several simple restaurants near the Khmer Monument Circle.

How To Get to Kampong Chhnang

Kampong Chhnang is usually 91km north of Phnom Penh on a reasonable, sealed road on National Highway No 5. There are numerous bus companies that offer daily bus schedules from Phnom Penh to Kampong Chhnang and return. So it is simple to drop off when going from Phnom Penh to Battambang and Poipet. Ho Wah Getting Buses offering bus schedule To and from Phnom Penh costs just 5,000 riels on the air-con bus.

By Bus: 6:30 am, 9:30 am, 11:00 am, 12:00 pm, 1:15 pm, 2:00 pm, 3:30 pm, 4:30 pm.
Phnom Penh to Kampong Chhnang departs (from Central Market Terminal) 6:40 am, 8:00 am, 9:00 am, 10:00 am, 11:30 am, 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm, 3:30 pm, and 4:30 pm. If you like, you may get off at Udong and see the old ruins and its newest additions (just grab a moto-taxi next to the entrance road), then go back out to the highway and grab the next bus heading your way to Kampong Chhnang.

By Shared Taxis: If you want to shorten the time to travel to Kampong Chhnang you may take on of the share taxis. The taxi station is mostly located near the main central market. However, this is faster than the bus but you have to pay more as with the bus (approx. US$3.5) from Phnom Penh and Double for Pursat.

By Motorcycle Tours: From Phnom Penh to Kampong Chhnang could be reached by Motorcycle in every direction problem on Highway No 5 from Kampong Chhnang to Pursat is slowly getting some resurfacing work even though bad by any stretch in the good road. Security isn’t a problem.

By Bullet Boat: The bullet boats to and from Siem Reap and Phnom Penh are taking you through the breathtaking countryside along the Tonle Sap to the provincial town. Going from Phnom Penh to Kampong Chhnang you’ll need to find the docking station of the boats, which is just around 200m after the Japanese Bridge to the left riverbank of the Tonle Sap. The price for one trip is around US$8. The price from Siem Reap might get a bit higher as you’re starting from the touristy hotspot. The trip from PP will take approx. 3 1/2h; from Siem Reap approx. 4h (depending on the rainy and wet season).