How much money do I need to move to Cambodia?

How much money do I need to move to Cambodia?

Cambodia is an affordable country with a lot of nature resources. Due to these, citizens of Cambodia can live in a better life with suitable price of foods, goods, and others. Here is the place that everyone wants to live with the affordable weather that suitable for people from all around the world. Below is the requirement that you have to spend in order to have a great life in this country.

If you are a foreigner and you want to move to Cambodia, you don’t need to spend much. Generally, if you want to buy a house, you need around 100,000$ for flat in city and the price are different depend on the type of house and location. Also, you can decide to choose a condo or apartment, it’s depend on you prefer. And one more thing, if you want to have a vehicle such as motorcycle or car, the price is suitable. For motorcycle, you will spend around 2000 to 3000$ depend on its model. And for car, you will spend up to 100,00$ based on type and model of car that you choose. Additionally, you have to spend on accessories, which is required to use daily in your house. By comparing to the price you spend to live in other country, it’s probably cheaper or similar and the quality is also better. More than that, you can find a job easily or make a business, so that you will get a better life in here. If you move to Cambodia to make a business, you have to spend on it such as shop, accessories, workers, and other services. Moreover, you can decide to live in the city or province with many kinds of job there. The last thing that you have to think about is the daily spend, which including food and other services. Normally, food and drink that sold in the market has a suitable price that you can afford. And meat products, vegetables, and can foods are also good price and quality. Even more, other services that you have to spend such as electricity, water, and petroleum more than 300$ per month based on your consumption.

Overall, living in Cambodia is not more expensive than other country in Asia and Europe. If you want a better live here, the above information can guide you some hints that you have to spend. Of course, your daily spend is depend on you including service consumption, foods, and drinks. And you can get your income back through your job or business. So, you can get a great life that everyone have in this beautiful country.

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