How can entrepreneurs get involved in solving big global issues?

How can entrepreneurs get involved in solving big global issues

Today. the world is facing many big problems. Social Distancing:  The stock market and the suspension of many businesses around the world due to Covid 19 created an uncertain environment. Meanwhile, climate change, income inequality, racism and many other issues remain concerns for the whole of humanity. However, while these problems may seem daunting, history has repeatedly taught that There is no reason why people on this planet should give up hope. People can still find it on a regular basis. Entrepreneurs are often at the forefront of solving the world’s biggest problems.

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In many ways, today’s technology and resources provide better opportunities for entrepreneurs than ever to get involved, cope with the problems of the terrible world. How can each entrepreneur in this new era be involved in solving those problems?

Here are some ways in which entrepreneurs can get involved in solving big global problems:

1. Increase global cooperation

Each nation has a closer relationship than ever before. Even before 2020, the global stock market is very worried about the closure of factories in China, which will affect the line World supply chain. However, the rise of globalization also creates new opportunities for cooperation that enable Entrepreneurs have more resources to solve big problems ahead. Global cooperation allows entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to participate, explore and experience each culture and social context that is not Used to do it decades ago.

2. The use of smart technology

By using resources created by others or creating their own technology tools, entrepreneurs can participate in creating new solutions that are More effective in solving those problems. Creating solutions using many technologies today not only helps entrepreneurs to be creative with their products and services. Not only new services, but they also make it easier to run a business more smoothly. Reducing costs and letting technology automate your work will give you more time to focus. On initiative efforts to address other key issues.

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3. Show a lot of positive influence of your business in society

You need to remember that you are living in a context where more and more people want to know that your company or business is How positive is the impact on the world and your community. According to the Nielsen study 2015, companies with a brand focus on “commitment Sustainability »Global growth of 4% year on year compared to less than 1% for their rivals They. This reflects the intentions and tendencies of customers to buy products from the brand, the company has a positive impact on society. Of them. Entrepreneurs are innovators, so making their brand more socially influential will help drive To have customer support.

4. Have a mindset as a problem solver

While many resources and opportunities today can greatly help entrepreneurs to solve the world’s big problems no What can be compared to the mindset of a big problem solver. As an entrepreneur, you need to know that you are born with a business mindset, a problem-solving mindset and always looking See what’s new and better ways to do or solve something that is happening in the future Face.

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